Frederick | Leo Lionni's Little Mice Tales
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Frederick | Leo Lionni's Little Mice Tales | Mouse Theme Picture Books Activities and Crafts

Each book is complemented with printable mouse activities and crafts, and related educational materials and lesson plans.


  • printer
  • paper, construction paper or card stock
  • scissors
  • glue
  • coloring tools for black & white templates

leo lionni's little mice tales picture book

Leo Lionni's Little Mice Tales > Frederick and three more fables - Author and Illustrator: Leo Lionni

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Frederick | Matthew's Dream | Tillie and the Wall | A Busy Year | Colors, Numbers, Letters

"Presents four little mouse stories by Leo Lionni, telling the tales of Frederick, a poet mouse; Matthew, a young mouse who is inspired to become a painter; Geraldine, a mouse who hears music for the first time; and Tillie, a mouse who is curious to know what lies beyond the wall surrounding her home."

Leo Lionni's Mice Tales - Playlist

Skills: Encourage the imagination and creativity. Visual arts: the collage technique. Compare to Aesop's Fables.

paper, printable, printable mouse craft template, or mouse coloring page, glue, scissors, crayons /markers/ paints

Activities > Visual Arts & Art Appreciation > Collage Technique

  • Leo Lionni was a master of the collage art technique represented in children's picture books. Take a close look at many of his illustrations as they collages of simple shapes.
  • Discuss what is a collage and the inventor of this art technique, Picasso.
  • Select and print a simple shapes printable mouse craft (coloring format only)
  • Children will color or paint each template piece with different hues and colors of their choice.
  • The decorated craft templates are cut out, pasted and assembled in the collage technique over a piece of color construction paper.
  • Encourage children to use the decorated templates to create their own unique mouse collage, not necessarily as the illustration on the template.
  • Children ages 4+ and older can add other elements to their collage, as they are inspired by a selection of Leo Lionni's books.

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