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Police officer Community Helper Preschool Lesson Plan Printable Activities

Activities Materials
Most children are probably familiar with the police officer, but how much do they know about this important community helper?

There is no doubt that it is very important that we acquaint our children with this very important community helper because our children will learn about safety, and who to call or ask for help in an emergency. The ability of our children to know how to communicate with and trust a police officer is critical and can save their lives and those of others.

Ideally, it would be wonderful to make arrangements to have a police officer come to visit the preschool or childcare facility so that children can meet and listen to them. Most local police departments offer this community service and they come prepared to discuss basic safety issues with young children. You might even be able to make arrangements to have a police dog visit -- also a great community helper!

Activity 1 > Resources for learning about the role of the police officer and crime prevention >

What does a police officer do?

Visit the Community Club @ Scholastic and introduce early readers to the job of a police officer using simple sentences read aloud.

Crime Prevention Coloring Book by the San Diego Police Department (Ages 5 - 8) PDF File

This is a wonderful resource featuring McGruff the Crime Prevention Dog for addressing crime prevention and it is bilingual (English/Spanish). It has 20 pages and you may want to review and use as a base for lesson planning. Many of the messages can be discussed with the 2.5 - 5 year group.

Below are some safety tips that are very important and can be developed into separate extended activities on different days:

Safety tip 1 > Learn and memorize street address and telephone number.

Please view the following related activity that addresses learning home telephone number and learning emergency 911

Safety tip 2 > Fill in your emergency numbers and keep next to your phone.

Same as above, a special sheet can be prepared similar to the one featured in the coloring page to include and practice emergency numbers and how to dial these numbers using a toy phone.

Information > Explain what is the law and how important it is to obey the law -- in simple terms address that a law is a rule that every one must follow so that our communities can be safe, etc.

Activity 2 > Crafts > Police Officer Hat and Badge and other craft suggestions

Activity 3 > Letter P is for Police Officer lesson plan activities and printable materials
police officer hat and badge craft activities
Activity 2:
Police officer hat and badge craft

letter p police printable activities
Activity 3:
Letter P is for Police

External resources
crime prevention coloring book external link
Crime Prevention Coloring Book
officer buckle and gloria video at youtubeActivity 4 > Picture book recommendation >
Officer Buckle and Gloria by Peggy Rathmann - Caldecott Medal Winner 2006
An excellent book to introduce the police officer, and a faithful team member Gloria the police dog, and the importance of safety.
View video @ YouTube | Find @ your library | Author website

The star shape is an important symbol in this book. You may want to replace the template badge in the crafts for a star badge when presenting this book.