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Duck or Goose Handprints Craft
Preschool Printable Activities

Duck or Goose Handprints Craft - Large Preschool Printable Activities


  • printer
  • card stock or heavy duty construction paper
  • scissors
  • glue
  • coloring tools for black & white templates
  • stapler
  • Instead of template 1 (body): thin paper plate painted or leave white (small or large)
  • Instead of handprints: craft or paper feathers, dry or paper leaves, elongated oval cut-outs, etc.

These are two crafts in two sizes that can help introduce the duck / duckling or goose / gosling. The smaller version is easier for younger children and to learn a baby animal name. A set of large and small version can be made to make a family. It can be assembled in various ways and the process can be made more challenging and creative depending on the age of the children.

To distinguish between a duck or goose as babiies or adults, focus in changing the color of the beak or bill.

The crafts can stand-up so they make great decorations and dramatic play toys. It is important that the craft be printed on heavy duty construction paper or card stock in order for it to stand up. The pieces can also be traced onto thin paper plates as well.

Both crafts can be made by replacing template 1 (body) for a standard thin (10" to 8") paper plate and the small version can be assembled by using a 6"-5" small thin paper plate.

The feathers are created by doing handprint cut-outs or painted handprints that are later cut-out. Other options are listed in the materials list.

Craft instructions and learning activities:

  • Learning activities to conduct before craft assembly:
    • Shapes & Colors Activity: Ask children to identify the shapes and colors on the template.
    • Numbers/Pre-Math Activities: Templates should be decorated and cut out. Count the templates.
      Write numbers in the back in the order of assembly.
  • Craft assembly:

    Adult: steps 1 through 4, and a stapler is required.

    1. Print and cut out the templates of choice, and if choosing the paper plate option have children paint them ahead of time.
    2. Decide and prepare materials for the feathered tail: handprints or an alternative.
    3. Fold body template 1 (body) or paper plate in half, color is showing on both sides.
    4. Feet and body assembly:
      - Fold the feet template on the center dotted line so color is showing on both sides.
      - Insert the folded feet template on the center round portion up to the dotted line of (body) or folded paper plate and staple at least twice in place -- refer to the illustration for positioning.
      Last step - Turn and fold the feet upward on both sides to stand once children have completed the rest of the steps.
    5. Children can glue the folded beak, comb (crest) on the head template.
    6. Glue assembled head with beak to right or left corner of body template (this will depend in which direction the feet were positioned and stapled.
    7. Feathered tail - Handprints or alternative:
      Small and Large Version: Glue an equal number of "feathers" on each side of the body template. This step is important because it will create balance so the craft can stand. Adult: Bend the "feathers" slightly one way and the other to make the craft more realistic and stable.


  • Close template window after printing to return to this screen.
  • Set page margins to zero (minimum) if you have trouble fitting the template on one page or review Print Help.

Duck or Goose Handprints Craft - Large Preschool Printable Activities

Templates Large Duck - Goose: Print 1 and 2

Template 1:     color     B&W

Template 2:     color     B&W

Duck or Goose Handprints Craft - Small Preschool Printable Activities

Templates Small Duck - Goose:

Template:     color     B&W

Template for small paper plate:     B&W

Complimentary activities:

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