Easter Bunny Rabbit Craft Preschool Lesson Plan Printable Activities

Activities Materials

This craft is very cute and easy to assemble. It is very versatile and can be used in several ways once assembled.

*Follow the easy instructions on the link and you may add other decorations to the bunny craft.

Other ideas to use the Easy Easter Bunny Craft once the craft is assembled:

1. Hand Puppet:
Tape or glue a straw or craft stick to the back of the craft to create a hand puppet to use during story time.

2. Make an Easter Greeting Card
Use a piece of construction paper in a coordinating color, bend in half and glue to the bunny to the front. Write a greeting in the front, somewhere around the bunny. You can trace child's hand on the inside of the card and write an Easter greeting inside the handprint.

3. Make an Easter Bunny Headband Hat
a. Cut two strips 3" to 4" wide and the length of the paper 11 1/2. Use construction paper or card stock. Tape together and attach the bunny craft to the band, then adjust around the child's head --staple or tape.

4. Party Invitations or Thank you Cards:
Make several and use for and Easter Party invitation or Thank you cards. Simply write invitation details or message in the back.

5. Easter Lunch Paper Bag Basket
a) Use a white lunch paper
and cut about 3" to 4" inches off the top of the bag-- these will used to make the basket handle.
b) Open the bag and roll/fold the paper bag inward one or two times about 2 to 3 inches and tape or glue in place. Now flatten bag.
c) Child can now decorate the bag coloring, or making little egg finger prints all over the bag. Wait to dry.
d) Attach de Easter Bunny Craft to one of the side.
e) Use the pieces that were cut of from the top of the bag to form a handle and staple to the sides of the bag.
Fill the bag with Easter Eggs or use for an Easter egg hunt activity.

6. Bulletin Board idea for preschools and child care facilities or homes:
This is a cute bulletin board decoration. Cut out a big Easter egg - poster size and then decorate with the children's Easter bunny craft inside, you can add a small photo of each child "peeking" behind the ears of the bunny. Later send or give to parents as an Easter present.

External link
DLTK's Easy Easter Bunny Paper Craft

Easy Easter Bunny Rabbit
You need:
*one piece of computer paper

*coloring tools
* Many additional decorating ideas are mentioned in the instructions.