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Goldilocks and the Three Bears
Crafts and Lesson Plan Printable Activities Preschool and Kindergarten

Activities Materials
Let's celebrate with this timeless and classic fairy story: Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

Teaching aids to print and prepare:
Print story time materials in the materials column:bear cottage template, puppets template - One set for educator. Print activity sheets and puzzle as needed.

Note: This can also be a homemade toy for children conducting the activity at home, read below for ideas.

1. Ideas for use:
Felt board: Cut cottage and figures templates and use on a standard felt board. Tape a piece of sand paper to the back of the templates, this helps them stick to the board.

Stand-up figures: Cut the cottage template and tape against toilet paper tubes (cut the tube in half) . Cut and assemble the character figures and tape against a Lego block or small pieces of toilet paper tub, or use stand template provided. Trace over sturdy paper or thin card board.

Homemade Toy | Fairy Tale Dramatic Play Figures: Print all the templates on sturdy paper and laminate.Glue the cottage against the shorter side of a small/medium size shoe box or toilet paper tube. Tape the figures against Lego blocks (standard size). You may want to decorate the box with wrapping paper. Children can store the figures in the box, along with other small toys.

Activity 1 > Read Goldilocks and The Three Bears - Online or Offline
After assembling the materials above use them to support the story telling.

If you have a book with the story, that works best. Here are online versions:

Version 1: Picture book read-alout - Author: James Marshall @ YouTube (above)

Version 2: English Talking Book - Appuseries @ YouTube

Version 3: Read and print this short version @

Using the printed version of your choice review and replay the story:

Move the figures around to support the story line. Sizing > Point to the different sizes of the bears: Papa Bear is big, Mama Bear is medium sized and Baby Bear is small as well as the bowls, the chairs and beds.

Discuss the message that can be learned from this story: Should we or Goldilocks enter the house of a person without their permission or without being invited? Should we or Goldilocks touch and use their property?, etc.

Activity 2 > Math Skill: Goldilocks & The Three Bears - Pattern Activity
Print the activity sheet in color or black & white. The purpose of this activity is for the child to recognize and complete simple patterns, this is an important math skill. The activity sheet has instructions for conducting the activity.

Activity 3 > Reasoning Skills: Goldilocks & The Three Bears Sizing Activity
Print the activity sheet in color or black & white. The purpose is to compare objects by sizes conducting different exercises and pictures.

Match Game Card Game: Print two copies of the activity sheet to make a fun match game as well - glue the pages to thin cardboard first, then cut to make the cards more durable and can be used frequently.

Activity 4 > Online Jigsaw Puzzle and Printable Puzzle
This is a fun 6 piece online puzzle - click change cut to increase the amount of pieces.

Print the puzzle, which is the the same image as the online puzzle, and glue to thin cardboard (cereal box carton) or print to card stock, cover with clear contact paper for durability and cut through the dotted line for a 4 piece puzzle. As the child masters the puzzle cut the pieces further or make different size sets depending on the group of children. Use the puzzle as a surprise award for completing all the activities.

Activity 5 > Nursery rhyme > Pease Porridge coloring page
This nursery rhyme blends well with this story. Goldilocks and the bears eat porridge in the story.

Clapping game
Schoolchildren often play Pease Porridge Hot by pairing off and clapping their hands together to the rhyme as follows:

Pease (clap both hands to thighs) porridge (clap own hands together) hot (clap partner's hands),

pease (clap both hands to thighs) porridge (clap own hands together) cold (clap partner's hands),

Pease (clap thighs) porridge (clap own hands) in the (clap right hands only) pot (clap own hands),

nine (clap left hands only) days (clap own hands) old (clap partner's hands).

(Repeat actions for second stanza)

NOTE: The actions are performed during recitation of the word or phrase, not following

[1] Wollaston, The Song Play Book, p. 37

Additional Activities> Review links for additional printable activities in the material column.

DLTK's Crafts for Kids has a number of great support materials and printable crafts to incorporate to this story.

* Bear cottage

* Puppets

three little bears cottage and puppets templates
* Online jigsaw puzzle

* Printable puzzle

the three little bears pattern activity worksheet
Pattern Activity

black & white

the three little bears sizing activity worksheet
Sizing Activity

black & white

goldilocks and the three bears coloring pages
Goldilocks and The Three Bears
coloring pages

pease porridge hot nursery rhyme coloring page
Pease Porridge Hot nursery rhyme

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Letter B Bear printable activities

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