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Learn to Write Telephone Number and Emergency 911
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It is crucial that our children learn to successfully learn and dial their home telephone number and Emergency 911 for safety reasons.

There are emergency situations that warrant that our children be able to make a phone call home or dial 911. Some of these emergency situations can be: a fire, an accident or sudden illness involving a parent or caregiver and other situations.

The first step is for the child to be able to recognize the numbers and be able to point to them in the telephone keys. This requires regular practice to keep the numbers and the process fresh in their minds.

A toy telephone is ideal for this purpose for this makes the activity more fun. Kids love also to play with a real phone or cell phone. You can disconnect the phone for a few minutes do practice the numbers once a week or so.

It is also important to stress that they should not give out their telephone number to strangers -- only to an authorized person, such as when calling 911 for example.Also, it is important to stress that 911 is a number we use only in an extreme emergency and you can outline what those emergencies are.

Children as young as three have been able to save their parents in an emergency by being able to dial 911 and also provide vital information such as phone and address. It can be a life saving skill.

By approximately age 3.5+ or earlier, children can be encouraged to trace emergency 911 and their home phone number and to practice the dialing procedure.

Start off by practicing 911 until that is mastered and then practice the telephone number.

You can easily make tracer pages that can be inserted into plastic page protectors to use with dry-erase markers and be reused frequently to practice these important numbers.

Print writing paper suitable for preschool or kindergarten (2 pages or on both sides of one piece of paper). Write 911 on the top line and the telephone number in a separate page. Children can practice under your example.

* Make sure to make a slow demonstration of how the numbers are traced and then motivate the child to try.

* If you insert the page in a page protector or laminate, keep it accessible (in the kitchen) and while the child is waiting for a snack or meal s/he can practice at the table on a regular basis.

Other Ideas to learn these important numbers:

  • Bake cookies using number cookie cutters to practice the telephone number and 911.
  • Make a 911 and/or My Telephone Number Banner and display in bedroom or near phone area.
  • Put a sticker on the toy phone with 911 and the telephone numbers so child can practice and view frequently.
  • Decide on a secret password that only you (parents) and the child know, that would indicate to the child he should execute the a call to 911.

Activity > Craft > DLTK's Telephone Practice Printable Craft:
This is a real fun paper craft that will help children learn their telephone, numerals and emergency 911. You also want to add alphabet activity by writing T is for Telephone on the craft.

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The ambulance is an essential and important land transportation vehicle that is fully equipped for EMS (Emergency Medical Services) to assist in emergencies when you call 911.

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