Shamrock or Clover Crafts · St. Patrick's Day Preschool Printable Activities

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Activity > Learn about a holiday and symbols

Have fun reading a bit about St. Patrick, and St. Patrick's Day.

*Plants > Shamrock: (three leaves) is a type of clover.

* A Lucky Four-Leaf Clover: when a rare four leaflet occurs in a clover it is said to be lucky and the leaves represent hope, faith, love and the fourth one, luck.

Discuss the color green and what it means to the Irish people.  It is connected to hope and associated with nature.

Where is the color green in nature?  Plants, trees and animals.

Activity > Crafts > "Shawn" the Shamrock or "Katie" the Clover Paper Craft

* When talking about plants you can introduce the shamrock and make your choice of these delightful crafts.

For younger children cut "Shawn" or "Katie" pieces in advance.  Older children may be able to help with the scissor cutting.

*  Follow the easy instructions for the craft on the link provided.

Tip:  For young two year olds you may want to print the color version or print the shamrock body on green construction paper to emphasize on the color, and the child will not be as tired to complete the craft.  Add tiny drops of glue on the desired spots and have child place the pieces -- indicate and call body parts by name  as a vocabulary builder.
For children 2.5 and older encourage to color and complete the crafts as much on their own as possible.

Activity > Alphabet Consonant Digraph /Sh/ is for shamrock

Activity > St. Patrick's educational printable materials featuring shamrocks > Ages 2+ and up

Sean the Shamrock Paper Craft
"Shawn"  the Shamrock

DLTK's Katie the Clover Craft
"Katie the Clover"

consonant digraph sh shamrock printable activities
Consonant digraph /sh/ shamrock printable activities

St. Patrick's printables featuring shamrocks

scissors, glue, coloring supplies
white paper or green construction paper (to print body and save on ink).

Optional:  wiggly eyes
glitter glue

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