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Why not plan a little "Easter Tea Party" for friends and/or family to decorate Easter eggs and other fun activities.

This is a good activity to show children how to plan a little party for others and the wonderful feeling of sharing!

Tips for educators and childcare providers:
*This is also a good idea to invite parents to the preschool or child care for a short 15 minute morning Easter get-together with parents. The children can prepare all the crafts ahead of time for the special day - the invitations first, the candles craft the next day, the napkin rings on another day and so forth. You can mail or give the parents the invitation made by their child. You can have the children sing together for the parents the song:
"I'm a little Tea Pot" as the grand finale to the party.

*Prepare and decorate your table with these easy crafts:

Make one Easter Candle Craft or make as many as you need to decorate your table.

Make as many napkin holders you need for your invited guests.

Send or deliver these Teapot invitations:
1. Print the number of teapot templates you need and color or print on a paper that matches your Easter Candles and Napkin rings.
2. Write an invitation message on the back:
Example: "Come to a Special Easter Tea Party to decorate Easter Eggs"
Date: Place: Time:

3. Fold in thirds and place on a standard card envelop and deliver or mail.

4. Tea cup decorations:
1. Use regular coffee size paper cups.
2. Color, decorate and cut the teacup templates to match your candle and napkin holder (as many as your invited guests). You can glue some of the left over egg pieces from the candle or napkin holder crafts on the teacups.
3. Now glue the decorated teacup against the paper cup - don't glue around. These are your teacups for the party.
4. Prepare your favorite cookie recipe and use cookie cutters with Spring Easter shapes.
5. Instead of tea, serve your favorite beverage of choice in the cups.

For the Day of the Party:
Have your egg painting materials ready for that day. Have fun with your Easter "Tea Party" to share with your friends the joy of the Easter season!

What to do during the party:
* Set up a table with egg decorating materials
For older children:
Rent a fun Easter movie: Harvey, with Jimmy Stewart. Yeah, this is an oldie, but it has never failed to make even the youngest child laugh or the oldest around the house. It is a really great family movie. May too long for young children but they can watch some of the fun parts and the big rabbit has an enduring effect!

* For younger children you many want to try reading some fun Easter books or bunny rabbit book such as
*The Runaway Bunny by Margaret Wise Brown
Print template for the
Easter Candle Craft

& Easter Napkin Rings
One template makes four napkin rings.

Invitations & Tea Cup decorations:
* template of a teapot and cups.
computer paper
small envelopes if you plan to mail the invitations

You need small paper cups

Prepare any cookie recipe and use Spring cookie cutters.