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Here are online resources and printable activities to help you present the Thanksgiving holiday to young children.

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What does thanksgiving mean?

It is the act or expression of giving thanks.

Thanksgiving is an autumn holiday in the U.S.A. held on the fourth Thursday in November. On this holiday, Americans remember the good harvest of the Pilgrims on 1621 and show thanks for what they have now.

Thanksgiving is also celebrated in Canada on the second Monday in October.

Two of the turkey crafts feature an important national symbol of Canada, the maple leaf. This is an opportunity to get children acquainted with Canada and its national symbols with this related activity.

**Thanksgiving U.S.A. - fourth Thursday in November**

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Visit this presentation about the The First Thanksgiving at Scholastic. This content resource a picture timeline, a virtual voyage on the Mayflower, life in Plymouth 1621, and teacher's guide and lesson plans for PreK-2nd grade and elementary levels

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The crafts have leaf colors ranging from yellow to a deep red, orange, and purplish -- this is to demonstrate the autumn season changes.

Visit this related activity that has A Year in the Life of a Tree that richly illustrates these seasonal changes.

thanksgiving crafts
Thanksgiving theme & crafts

thanksgiving printable activities
Thanksgiving Printable Activities

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