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Banana Theme | Fruit Basket Craft | Counting
Preschool Lesson Plan Printable Activities

Banana Theme | Fruit Basket | Counting | Preschool Lesson Plan Printable Activities
Visit Champ the monkey to count the bananas and also learn about the benefits of eating bananas!

Online story > Bananas for LunchActivity: Online story and activity with Champ the Monkey

Online story > Bananas for Lunch [Flash Player] > Skills > Number order 1-10

This cute story of a monkey eating ten bananas. The story helps children learn and count numbers one to ten. 

Online activity > Count the Bananas [Flash Player] > Skills > Numbers > Counting and number recognition 1 to 4 | Color > Yellow
Take the children to count the Bananas with Champ the Monkey.  Allow the children to roll the mouse over the answers to hear the number. Children may need some help with the activity depending on their age. Make sure to count together and discuss that ripe bananas are yellow.

Activity > Alphabet Letter B Banana printable activities

Activity > Learn about Bananas the Most Popular Fruit in the U.S. [enable Flash Player]
Visit the link above for a presentation to learn about the fascinating history of this delicious fruit.

Activity: Fruits Basket Craft > This easy printable craft features an apple, banana and pear.

Activity > Fun in the Kitchen with Bananas > Make a simple recipe with bananas:  a smoothie, banana with peanut butter sandwich.