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printable flash cards 1 to 4 farm animals

Activity: Online Activities > Counting and Identifying Numbers

Here are two options to online activities to practice counting:
  1. Meddybemps Animal Count Numbers 1 to 10
    Read instructions, have children point to the animals as they count, roll mouse over red dot to see number. Animals featured: rooster, red frogs, praying mantis, penguins, lambs, goldfish, bats, butterflies, red snappers, monkeys

  2. The Counting Story by Rolando Merino for his son Timmy
    Count the pink bunny rabbits one to eleven.
    In this story children will have fun counting dancing bunny rabbits engaging in different activities during a day until they brush their teeth (number 10) and go to bed (number 11).  It is appropriate for a spring season or Easter theme, and year round.
    Related themes:  rabbit and hare

    With children 18 months to 2 year olds you may want to concentrate on numbers 1 thru 5. Save the link on your favorite or make a shortcut to your desktop, and visit later to slowly build up to number 10.

Activity > Make a Numbers Banner:

After doing the online activities above make a simple and colorful numbers banner:


  • paper or card stock for flash cards
  • construction paper (2 or 3 different colors) for banner
  • scissors
  • glue or glue stick
  • tape-optional
Small banner instructions:  18 months to 3+ years old:
  1. Print your selection of number flash cards in the link provide. Cut through solid lines.
    *1 thru 6 for children 3 and younger
    *1 thru 12 for children 4+ and older
  2. Fold three pieces of construction paper ideally in primary colors in half and cut.
  3. The children can now help glue the halves side horizontally or vertically to make the banner. Make sure to identify the colors of the banner pieces.
  4. Make row one for younger children under 3 (3 halves) or six halves for children 3+
    This would be a placement of the banner and the flash cards.
  5. After the banner is ready give the children one flash card a time, and count the items inn the card and point to the number, identify the image (farm animal) and the shape that houses the number and identity the number together.
  6. Children  glue the flash card to the banner, one number next to the other as shown below.
  7. Glue a Popsicle/craft stick on each end to make the banner holders.

Templates Farm animals numbers | shapes flash cards - Numbers 1 to 12

Below is an example for a placement of the banner horizontally.

1 2 3 4 5 6
7 8 9 10 11 12