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The activities today will focus on having fun with ocean creatures and at the same time practice number 1 to 6. We'll make and on-going fun mural at home or school/childcare facility to fill with ocean creatures, so let the fun begin.

Activity 1:Visit Explore the Coral Reef with Tippety Witchet at Chateau Meddypemps

Step 1: Explore and Identify Ocean Creatures:
In this colorful aquatic scene there are many types of ocean creatures: various types of fish, jellyfish, starfish, sea urchins, lobsters, a shark, a sea turtle, and more. You many want to print this guide to identify the different fish. Explore and point to these.

Step 2: Count Groups of Ocean Creatures
Point to the fact that some of the fish in the scene are in groups and are the same. Many times fish are together and are called a school of fish. Tell the children they are going to count those groups. Make a chart in a piece of paper or board and write the different numbers you count and make sure the children see you write the number. You may want to start with the smallest groups first. Do this counting exercise until the children lose interest.

Activity 3: Weebit Cuckoo Automatic Fish Counter Online Activity at Chateau Meddybemps
Let's go with Weebit Cuckoo in his submarine and help him count fish! Follow the simple instructions on screen and explain to the children what to do and let them handle the mouse as much as possible. Remember to click on the next number to reveal the next group of fish. Note that there are two levels of difficulty to choose from. Have fun!

Activity 4: Ocean or Seashore Creatures Mural and Ocean Number Fun Worksheets
Part 1: Making the Mural
Now this is going to be fun and easy!
1. Tape several pieces of discard paper/junk mail (printed on one side but clean on the other side) to form a mural. Ideally 3 papers x 3 papers will make a nice size. Make it larger for larger groups or make several murals and children can work in groups to decorate it.

2. Look at the scene with Tippety Witchet as a guideline. Paint the entire mural light blue -- or if you have light blue paper around that will work as well. Add some ocean plants by just dabbing paint around in different colors, add rock formations. Use sponges or brushes.

This will take awhile to do and it can get messy! You may want to continue the next step the next day, but make sure to explain to the children they will fill the ocean scene with different ocean creatures as they learn the numbers.

Part 2: Ocean Number Worksheets- Numbers 1 to 6

These ocean number fun sheets are wonderful, the images are fun. The children will practice numbers 1 to 6 every other day, then also practice scissor cutting skills.

Idea: These pages look great when printed onto pastel colored paper or pastel construction paper that reflect ocean/ summer color fun such as: foam green, light blue, light pinks, yellows, light corals. The light shades are happy, really enhance the images and encourage the children to practice, not to mention that it is a good change of pace from working on white paper. Print each number on a different color for every practice.

1. Each day the children will practice tracing the numbers FIRST. For children 2 to 3 years old that still are beginning to use writing material, it is just fun to use they fingers to trace the number with finger paints. After that is completed they will decorate the page, cut the images and proceed to glue the decorated images on the mural. On the border of the mural glue the strips of Number Tracing Practice (make sure to write the name of children on a corner).

Here are some suggestions to color and/or decorate each page on different days:

*Decorating Number One Idea: Seal
Sponge paint the seal in by mixing some blue/white/grey - you may be able to cut sponges easily to for a number 1 (a small rectangle and dab number ones all over the image.

*Decorating Number Two Idea: Eels
Provide each child with a small disposable paper cup and they can dip the bottom of the cup on any color of paint and press on the eel and roll the bottom as well to get different effect. Do some number two with the fingers!

*Decorating Number Three Idea: Whales
If printed on construction paper this will work really well. Out line the whales with chalk of any color first, then use crayons to stripe the image with any designs, then use water colors, it is going to look great!

*Decorating Number Four Idea: Starfishes
Mix some white glue with yellow food coloring and diluted it a bit with water. The children will cover the images with the painted glue and then sprinkle with some salt to give it a grainy feel just like starfish. (The salt can be added to the solution as well -- children will have more fun adding the salt though). If the activity is conducted with only one child at home you may want to add bird feed and really fill the image to look like a starfish.

*Decorating Number Five Idea: Tropical Fish
These fish have to shine. Encourage using very bright colors for these images, for ideas refer to the online activity. Use crayons or markers to fill the images and add sparkle glue or tape little pieces of aluminum foil paper. We are going to make the large fish stand out: cut a small square 5"X5" inch or so of tissue paper and fold in accordion fashion (1/2 folds) place a tape to keep in place and tape to the back of the image on the fish's tail -- open the tail folds gently and it looks like a fan.

*Decorating Number Six Idea: Crabs
Have fun with red and bright orange. Outline the images using Q-Tips or fingertips. For older children it would be fun to roll some marbles over the image with paint.

The above are just suggestions, use anything you have around the house or learning facility to make decorating the pages fun: cookie cutters, plastic utensils to give textures, cut-up tissue paper, colored rice, etc.

Remember each page is done on a different day. After the images are dry, older children can practice scissor cutting. Adults need to help the younger ones with cutting.

When placing the images on the mural make sure to count and practice the numbers.

Have fun with your Ocean Mural and thanks to Leanne at for these great Ocean Number Fun Sheets!
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