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Paper Chain Craft | Days of the Weeks Online Story | Preschool Lesson Plan Printable Activities

Paper Chain Craft | Days of the Weeks Online Story | Preschool Lesson Plan Printable Activities
Activity 1: Read the Story - A Paper Chain for Edgar and Andrew @ meddybemps

A Paper Chain for Edgar and Andrew, is a cute story that can jump start many ideas for activities as well as prepare children for separating from parents when these have to go on a vacation or other similar situation. It is also an opportunity to practice and help children learn the days of the week and what it is the meaning of a week.

Edgar and Andrew's Grandmother suggests making a simple craft: a paper chain with five links. Every day that passes they make special activities and take off a link from the paper chain and that helps them see that their parents are coming home soon, not to mention all the fun things they have with their grandparents every day!

After reading and discussing the story, suggest to make a fun paper chain craft and plan for different special theme activities for every link in the paper chain for a week.

Activity 2: Make a theme paper chain

Purpose: Get acquainted with the days of the week and plan activities for each day

The Week Paper Chain (Sun thru Sat):

  1. Instead of making a paper chain with five links for five days let's make a paper chain with seven links for every day of the week.
  2. Every day conduct a short but special activity just for addressing the making of the paper chain, just like Andrew and Edgar's grandparents did: blow bubbles, cook something new together, or play with a balloon and make sure to keep it in the air without using hands, only head shoulders, legs, knees, etc.
  3. Another suggestion is to discuss and do an activity related to a theme selected to decorate the paper chain (see themes and printable decorations below). If you select a farm, or ocean theme, you can do an activity related to each animal or object (reading a farm animal book, doing a craft, etc.).
  4. After each activity for a seven day period, take off one link from the paper chain. Write the name of the day in each paper link to learn the days of the week. And say, today is Monday and we are going to .... read a very special book about... or we are going to the farmer's market together to see all the wonderful things that are produced on the farm.

Making the chain link:
Use color paper or construction paper. Make a demonstration of how to make the paper chain. Making a paper chain can be deceptively difficult for young children!

Select a theme:
Children can glue a different pattern or card on each paper chain link.

  1. Colors & Color Word Practice Cards > English: color | black & white | Spanish colors | black & white
  2. Days of the Week > The Very Hungry Caterpillar Day of the Week > Read the book by Eric Carle. Make a green paper caterpillar chain. Print the days of the week writing worksheets. Practice writing only one day or two days. Color and cut out the pictures and glue to the chain links. The last day make a butterfly.
  3. Numbers Practice Cards: black and white (trace and color)
  4. Seashore Treasures: color | black & white
  5. Book > Story sequencing> Goodnight Gorilla book activity: attach the printable characters to the chain in the order they appear in the story.
  6. Seasonal >Autumn
    Autumn Leaves: black & white | autumn colors
    Christmas or Winter theme: print and cut out your selection of small size pattern (4 in each page) (snowflake, bells, gingerbread boy/girl, etc.) print days of the week, numbers or letters inside. The paper chains can be used instead as a garland to decorate a classroom windows, bulletin board or tree.
  7. My Name is Special: Use any of the patterns above and make the chain to showcase the letters of the child's name.