Mouse Printable Activity Party Set for Preschool and Kindergarten

Mouse Printable Activity Party Set for Preschool and Kindergarten

This printable set can be used for story time, for small "parties," at home, child care centers and preschools in any other related theme. The sets are available in color or black and white so the children can color and decorate them.

This set complements presentations for the following animal activities > G is for Gerbil, M is for Mouse, R is for Rat or adapt to a language of your choice.


  • printer
  • computer paper or card stock
  • scissors
  • tape
  • coloring tools for B&W template
  • glue
  • craft sticks
Here is a description of the items and suggestions on how to use them.

Activity Play | Party Set Templates Description:
The items on the activity set are labeled #1 to #4. Here is a description of the items and suggestions on how to use them.

#1 Felt board character | hand puppet | large stand-up figure

  • Felt board character: Attach a small piece of sand paper to the back to use on a felt board. Optional: laminate for durability.

  • Hand puppet: glue or tape a wooden craft stick or unsharpened pencil to the back.

  • Large stand-up figure: Glue or tape against a toilet paper tube.

  • Party bag: paste to a standard lunch bagand fill with the other activities.

#2 Name tag | Mini flash card (small rectangular piece)

  • Name tag: Use as a name tags for activities:
    Example > divide a group of children and have half of the group wear the mouse name tag and the other half the lion name tag for The Lion and the Mouse fable. Each group will dramatize the lion actions, roar and the mice will squeak and play the part of the mouse. A small piece of masking tape works well to attach to clothing.

  • Mini flash card: Write the animals name or beginning letter: lion or mouse in your language and use on the flannel board or have each child wear one.

#3 Small stand up figure | small hand puppet | paper cup sticker | scrapbook

  • Small stand-up figure: cut a 4"-5" inch x 1" inch strip of card stock to form a tube and tape or glue to the back of the image.

  • Small hand puppet: tape or glue a craft stick

  • Paper cup sticker & scrapbook: tape to a standard paper cup for snack time fun or use on a scrapbook.

#4 Finger puppet or pencil decoration (smallest oval + finger strip)

  • Finger puppet: Glue the small oval to the middle of finger strip. Wrap around index finger to fit, cut excess paper and tape in place.
  • Pencil topper decoration: Use hole puncher on the top and bottom of the oval, insert pencil through bottom front hole, slide up to the top hole, adjust at the top of the pencil. Place a small piece of tape on the back.

Mouse Activity - Party Printable SetTemplates    color   or   B&W

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