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We are going to practice shapes and learn about trees.

Activity: Learning about trees

Trees are Terrific... Travels with Pierre
@ University of Illinois extension.

Here are some tree facts to share with children -- most of these facts are beautifully presentedin the web site above. Some specific pages are linked below:

  1. Trees are not only among the largest living things on Earth, but also can live the longest.
  2. Parts of a tree (separate activity - use this coloring page to label and reinforce the basic parts of the tree)
  3. A trunk is really just a hard, woody stem.
  4. Under the protective bark, water and food travel up through the outer layer of wood, called sapwood, to the tree's crown of the branches and leaves.
  5. Fine roots take in the water, but trees have big, strong roots as well. These will help anchor the tree very firmly in the ground.
  6. Trees grow a new ring of wood every year. If there is lots of sunshine and rainfall, that year's ring is wide.
  7. A forester is a person who works in and looks after a forest. Visit the community helper: the forester theme for a separate activity to learn the responsibilities of the forester.
  8. Foresters count the rings of felled threes to see how old they are.

Environmental education > The Importance of Trees:

There are many reasons why trees are important, here are just a few:

  1. Trees are a important source of food. They grow many of the fruits we eat. Can you name some?
  2. Trees prevent soil erosion, that is to protect the upper layer of the soil from drifting away by wind and water.
  3. Trees are the homes of many animals and help provide the shelter and food for them and many plants. Can you name some animals that live and need trees? Visit forest animals for additional activities as part of a unit on trees.
  4. Trees produce oxygen something that we need in the air to breath, so trees help keep the air nice and clean! A tree gives shade in the summer and keeps us cool.
  5. We also need some trees to build structures, homes and many products that we need like very important medicines.
  6. We need to replant them and take care of them.
  7. They help store water that we may need during a drought.

Activity > Alphabet > Various Tree related alphabet activities

Activity: Trees coloring pages or Arbor Day Coloring Pages

Decorate the trees with a variety of materials, real dry leaves, use fresh leaves as stampers, cut-up paper, tissue paper, add stickers of fruit an animals that depend on the health of trees.

Trees related crafts
Tree related crafts

letter t tree printable activities
Tree related alphabet activities

Trees coloring pages
Trees coloring pages

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