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Activity 2:  Autumn Family Landscape Craft - A Personal Landscape

Tell the children they are going to make an Autumn Family Landscape.

  • Print templates in your choice of color or black & white.
  • The templates have a small image with a suggested arrangement for the pieces.
  • The black and white version of the templates allows for more creativity to decorate the shape pieces separately with a variety of materials (review suggestions and ideas below), then cut out and assemble the landscape.
  • The family and seasonal images have dotted lines to make it easier to cut and glue as stickers.
  • Ideally use light blue craft paper or paint construction paper first with a light blue background and add a strip of green construction paper for a lawn.
  • Discuss traditional autumn/fall colors in your region to illustrate these in the craft.
  • Decide on what weather conditions you would like to portray.
  • The templates can be glued to tissue paper,  traced over construction paper, scraps of wall paper, wrapping paper or colored in with paints, crayons, markers, etc.

Ideas and suggestion for decorating the landscape:

  • Cut small pieces of construction paper to make shingles on the roof triangle. 
  • Glue different colors of tissue paper on the pieces, instead of coloring, and then cut out excess.
  • Add a button for the door knob.
  • Add autumn flowers (sunflowers small pieces of yellow tissue) and other plants to the front of the house, or  small pieces of yellow, orange red construction paper to form piles of autumn leaves, or add cotton balls on the cloud snow.
  • Use small pieces of blue yarn to resemble falling rain or make a picket fence to see rectangle forms.
  • Stickers are also a great option to add other elements such as  birds, and other animals.

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Autumn Fall Family Landscape Craft
autumn fall family landscape craft
illustration only
templates below

Color Templates:

Template #1

Template #2

Additional Family Member Template:
Template #3

Black & White Templates:
Template #1

Template #2

Additional Family Member Template:
Template #3

* A piece of light blue craft paper or paint paper light blue before assembly

* scissors
* crayons, markers
*glue/glue stick
* Read instructions to add a variety of materials to decorate the landscape.