Snowman Craft · Dress up · Winter · Christmas Preschool Lesson Plan Printable Activities

Activities Materials
These activities will help children learn about the winter season and many basic skills.

Activity: Snowman Dress-up Activity
This snowman will involve children in a problem solving activity. Children will mix and match winter hats and scarves on the snowman, and find all the different ways that they can be combined -- the goal is to obtain nine outfit combinations.

  • Print templates in your choice of color or black & white in the materials column.
  • Color the pieces if applicable in different color combinations.
  • Help children cut out the pieces.
  • Free play > Encourage children to mix and match the hats and scarves over the snowman. The object is to find the nine different ways that they can be combined.
  • Have children choose one hat and one scarf. Then encourage to change the outfit. Children may wish to only change the hat, only the scarf, or both the hat and scarf.
  • Game > After the children have tried a number of combinations, suggest a game.
    Tell the children that it is possible to dress up the snowman with nine different outfits with the six clothing pieces.Tell them they are going to play a game to find out all the possible outfits.

    Help the children make a list (see example below) choosing and matching the different outfits the snowman can wear. If children are older (6+) suggest something more challenging; they can draw pictures of the snowman in each different outfit -- print black & white snowman only for this purpose.
List of outfits combinations
Hat Scarf
1. black blue plaid w/green
2. black black w/blue fringe
3. black light blue-red
4. blue/pink blue plaid w/green
5. blue/pink black w/blue fringe
6. blue/pink light blue-red
7. blue/red (stars) blue plaid w/green
8. blue/red (stars) black w/blue fringe
9. blue/red (stars) light blue-red

Homemade Toy Version:
The templates can be turned into a homemade toy to use again and again -- print the pieces on card stock and laminate or print directly on magnetic sheet. Reuse left over magnet sheet leftovers (or magnet calling cards) and glue magnet pieces to the back of laminated snowman and outfit pieces. Children can have fun dressing the snowman on a metal surface (refrigerator door or cookie sheet).

Craft version for Christmas or Winter Holidays:
After conducting the learning activity the snowman can become a cute ornament, decoration or small puppet. Optionally, print two additional snowmen to use all three outfits. The children can glue the hats and scarves. Add other elements: a broom (craft stick w/yarn), two arms (cut two strips of construction paper), glitter, buttons, etc. Add a looped ribbon to hang on the Christmas tree, decorate a gift, or wreath.

Art Appreciation: Winter Night Snowman Landscape

After conducting the dress up activity use the snowman to make a winter landscape. Visit this activity to get acquainted with landscape art.

Materials: Blue construction paper for background, cotton balls for snow, star stickers or star cutouts, cut out a round or crescent moon, white paint, sponge or Q-tips.

  • Use the blue construction paper for a night background and place horizontally.
  • Children can glue the snowman to the far right or left of the blue construction paper, glue hat, scarf and other decorations. Help children draw an evergreen tree (Christmas tree) or tree with bare branches next to snowman.
  • Add star stickers, confettior glitter glue, and a moon to background sky using yellow paper. Glue cotton balls along the bottom of the landscape, dab some white paint using a sponge or a Q-tip for a snowy effect.
  • While making the landscape discuss the characteristics of the winter season: weather conditions, the types of clothing worn for wintertime, changes in temperature, etc.
Complementary activities to do over a week span:

Activity: Alphabet Letter S is for Snow
Lesson plan printable activities to present letter S is for Snow and information about what is snow.

Activity: Read online picture book >
Snowman books

Activity > Snowman Maze
> Pre-writing and problem skills. Have children use their finger first to travel through the maze, the use crayon or pencil to complete it. Hint > The solution is a letter S for Snowman!

Activity > Online Activities >
  • Online Jigsaw Puzzle Activity > Snowman
    Skills > Problem solving skills and using the computer mouse. The default puzzle is 6 pieces.

Snowman Dress-up
snowman dress up craft
Color Templates:
Snowman Dress-up
(all pieces)

Snowman only

Black & White Templates
Snowman Dress-up
(all pieces)

Snowman only

letter s snow printable activities
Letter S Snow printable activities

Snowman coloring page
Snowman coloring pages & patterns to decorate

snowman maze
Snowman Maze