Trees Craft · Learn Shapes Preschool Lesson Plan Printable Activities



  • printer
  • paper or card stock
  • scissors
  • glue
  • coloring tools for black & white templates

We are going to practice shapes and learn about trees.

Before starting the craft visit and have fun with these online activities to identify the shapes of trees:

Trees come in different Shapes (from page 19.html to page 22.html look at the browser address) @ Trees are Terrific with Pierre

Craft Instructions:

  1. Print your choice of templates in color or black and white.
  2. One of the trees is shaped like a pine - evergreen (triangles) and the other one as a fruit tree such as an apple or, orange.
  3. If you print the black and white version there are a number of ways this can be decorated:
    • Color the template with crayons or paints first. Wait to dryand cut the templates
    • Fill the tree with scraps of green paper or tissue paper for leaves and then cut the template.
    • Choose the type of fruit color: orange, red or lighter green for the apples.
  4. Once the pieces are decorated, glue to another piece of paper or blue construction paper. Decorate with clouds (cotton balls or a piece of soft "Kleenex"), bird or forest animal stickers, grass, to create a scene.


  • Close template window after printing to return to this screen.
  • Set page margins to minimum or review Print Help.

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Shapes Tree Craft:     color     B&W

Complimentary activiies:

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