House or Home Paper Craft · Shapes Practice Preschool Printable Activity

House or Home Paper Craft | Shapes Practice | Preschool Printable Activity

This activity will help children learn shapes, colors and how shapes create things. Present or reinforce letter H is for House or Home.

You can also focus on other themes such as: My Home, a season, weather conditions or a holiday event, such a winter holiday or other special holiday your family celebrates to portray in the house scene.


  • printer
  • paper
  • coloring tools for B&W template
  • scissors
  • glue stick
  • Additional materials suggested below

Craft Instructions:

  • Print templates of your choice and positioning guide. The B&W version allows for more creativity for older children to decorate the shape pieces separately with a variety of materials, then cut out and glue to the house positioning guide.
  • Suggestion: Print positioning template on light blue paper for a blue sky background.
  • Color if applicable.
  • Cut out the house shapes. Adult assistance may be needed.
  • Learning activities: Identify colors and shapes on the templates.
  • Apply glue to the positioning guide, pasting larger pieces first.
    • Paste large house square.
    • Paste large triangle roof.
    • Paste window squares.
    • Paste door rectangle.
    • Paste brown squares
    • Paste tree triangles
    • Paste cloud.

Ideas for extended learning:

Seasons and Weather: Decide on what season and weather conditions you would like to portray for the house scene. Select materials, colors and textures based on your scene choice.

Holidays: Make use of small stickers to add interest to the scene too emphasize a holiday.

Set wooden blocks or Lego blocks for children to make houses.


  • Close template window after printing to return to this screen.
  • Set page margins to zero (minimum) if you have trouble fitting the template on one page or review Print Help.

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House or Home Craft    color    or    B&W

Positioning Guide

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