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In this activity the children will learn about a holiday and have fun creating a useful and practical gift: Easy Shapes Flag Post-it Note Holder. Instead of the post-it note pad use a photo or child's drawing.

This activity and craft is suitable for the following holidays:

Saint Valentine's Day > February 14th

Mother's Day Holiday>
Celebrated the second Sunday in May.

Father's Day Holiday > Celebrated the third Sunday in June. Online resource

National Grandparents Day - Celebrated in September, the first Sunday after Labor Day.


Activity 1 > History and Traditions of the Holiday

Ages 2 to 6:
1. Share some simple facts about the holiday celebrated using information from the links provided above.
2. Parents: Share and explain how your family celebrates the holiday and what traditions are observed. Examples: Special dinners, family get-togethers, gift giving,reading a book related to the holiday, visiting Grandparents, what special foods are prepared on that day.
3. Educators can share how the community in general celebrates the holiday.

Activity > Alphabet > H is for Heart > Introduce a related letter of the alphabet. Letter H is for Heart is appropriate for these holidays.

Activity > Craft > Easy Shapes Post-it Note Holder Flag - Ages 2+ (with help)
Young children can enjoy and also practice some important skills by making this craft and gift that will but a smile on the recipient's face. Adjust colors and related materials to reflect the holiday.

The templates in black and white were designed so that caregivers and families together with the children can express in them their favorite colors, their traditions and heritage.

* This craft activity will help children learn about colors, shapes, about the images in the card and about the holiday.

* The children will learn how fascinating it is to create a special gift using shapes and a variety of materials.

* Let's call this technique "layering,." Using different shapes and images you layer them to form another image or landscape. Go to the links and print a template of your choice.

Note for all templates:
The smiley face templates can be replaced by a real photo of family members: child, Mom, Dad, Grandma, Grandpa or other recipient.

Add a poem or greeting in the back of the note holder.

Assembly Method #1:For Black & White Template
1. Print the flag template (template #1) directly on a colorful piece of construction paper or computer craft paper. Option: Trace onto wrapping paper or scraps of wall paper.
2. Child can color and decorate directly on the second template [template #2], then cut, layer and assemble. Note: Circles with smiley face features have been provided in the template, but you can use the opposite side so older children can make the face features or replace with a real photo.
3. Once the flag is assembled and decorated, (adult assistance) fold the upper edge of the flag on the dotted line.
4. Lay out a of piece string, yarn or ribbon (about 2 feet) inside the fold, glue the edge without gluing the string. Optional: To reinforce it, you can glue craft sticks inside the fold and tie the string to the edges of the sticks. Tie a knot, affix 1/2 of a post it note pack, a photo or child's drawing on the square dotted area on the flag and it is ready!

Method #2: For Black & White Template
Print the template of your choice and cut out the pieces. Then use the templates to trace unto construction paper, colored paper, scraps of wrapping paper, scraps of fabric, or wall paper scraps. Proceed with the same steps above.

Method #3: Color Template
Note: Two color templates provided (blue background and pink background)

Print the color template, cut and assemble and follow the assembly instructions above.

Read suggestions below for different age groups:

Children 2 to 3 years:
The youngest child can participate in this craft creation. For this age group all the pieces should be cut out and ready to assemble and color. Add a few drops of glue or use glue stick to desired locations and guide child through the process and show the small finished picture included in the template. Make sure to identify and discuss the colors used, shape and the images of and other items in the card templates (if applicable).

Children 3+ and older:
Older children can add and decorate the plain colored pieces first with glitter, paint: brush strokes, sponging, cotton ball dabbing, stampers, cut-up tissue paper, scraps of fabric to make collage or a patchwork effect, etc. , and then proceed to cut out the pieces and layer the pieces as suggested in the small image on the template.

Additional decorations ideas:
*Add holiday related stickers
* Add stickers related to recipients favorite hobby or sport

Places to hang the note holder flag:
1) Next to telephone
2) Tool Shed or Tool Area/Closet
2) Home office or at place of work
3) Gym locker
4) Refrigerator door
5) Anyplace where a note holder is needed.

Easy Shapes Post-it Note Holder Flag
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Flag Craft Note Holder | Various Holidays | Shapes Practice |
Preschool Lesson Plan Printable Activities
Template 1 - Blue Flag

Easy Shapes Post-it Note Holder Flag Craft pink
Template 2 - Pink Flag

Black & White
Template 1 - Flag

Template 2 - People

letter h heart printable activities
Letter H is Heart Printable Activities

*construction paper, card stock, white or coordinating colors
glue or glue stick
* 2' feet of string, thin ribbon or yarn

A variety of materials as
described in the instructions.