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January - June 2021

New Content and Updates at - January . June 2021
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Come and visit the new content and updates in to find fun early childhood printable activities and lesson plans for toddlers, preschoolers and kindergarten.

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June 2021 New:

Alphabet printable activities D'Nealian & Stardard block:

Online puzzles:

Coloring pages Ocean · Aquatic Animals that match the online puzzles:

Coloring page > Angel Canada Day - July 1st

May 2021 New:

Coloring pages added to New Testament:

Coloring pages added to Old Testament:

Greek mythology coloring pages:

Coloring pages - Animals:

Handwriting worksheet - Letter Cc crow: D'Nealian

April 2021 New:

Handwriting worksheets:

D'Nealian (modern manuscript) alphabet printable activities added to: [Rr rat] [Tt toad] [Ww wolf] [Gg garden]

Coloring pages:

Alphabet printable activities: color poster, coloring pages, handwriting worksheets standard block & D'Nealian:

Added to online puzzles:

Coloring page:

Rotating Early Readers Picture Books -- March/April - a new five-book collection each week

Kite theme coloring pages:

February 2021 New:

Ocean animals & mammals coloring pages:

External resource:
Horses, History & Agriculture Coloring/Activity Book courtesy of

New online puzzles:

Valentine's Day coloring pages:

Update Feb. 9, 2021: All online jigsaw puzzles are now functional and transferred to a new platform.

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