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Free alphabet printable activities: coloring pages, color posters, activity worksheets, mini-books, handwriting worksheets, word searches, flash cards and more to reinforce letter recognition and initial writing skills. These are suitable for older toddlers, preschool, kindergarten and first grade, featuring D'Nealian and Standard Block manuscript handwriting guidelines, and links to related lesson plans and crafts.

 The color poster version can be used as a/an:

 button red educational display poster and teaching aid

 button red homemade alphabet book, theme alphabet book or coloring book front cover

 button red cut into basic shapes to make homemade puzzles

A a

B b

C c | Digraph Ch

D d

E e

F f

G g

H h

I i

J j

K k

L l

M m

N n

O o

P p

Q q

R r

Ss | Digraph Sh

T t

U u

V v

W w

X x

Y y

Z z

Alphabet printable activities by theme or type   Alphabet printable activities by theme or type   Aphabet printable activities by theme or type   
Alphabet Printable Activities Organized by: Theme or Type

Includes color posters, coloring pages, dominoes, flash cards, mini-books, activity worksheets, handwriting worksheets, online jigsaw puzzles, and word search.

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