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Johnny Appleseed - Apple Tree or Picnic Theme Coloring Page Crafty Project

Johnny Appleseed - Apple Tree or Picnic Theme Coloring Page Crafty ProjectTurn a coloring page into a fun crafty project with a few items and printing in something other than white paper. This one can be used to depict Johnny Appleseed resting under an apple tree or a picnic scene.

Artist: Emmeline at age 5 in 2015


  • printer
  • light blue paper or lightweight construction paper sized to fit computer
  • coloring tools
  • a choice of one of these methods to paste apples to the tree:
    • apple stickers (as depicted)
    • fingerprint apples using washable paint or ink pad
    • red dot marker / bingo maker
    • cut red circles using a coin as a template, or trace over the tree and color them in
    • glue stick, optional if pasting paper cut apples


  • Print out the coloring page to light blue paper. Review similar coloring pages below.
  • Color the image. Children should have a variety of coloring tools to have fun
  • Apples: Decide on a number of apples to paste or dot in. Five apples for children under age 4. Up to ten apples for ages 4+, and practice counting.
  • Add letter A and the word apple to the page (optional).


Coloring page for this project and similar ones that can be adapted:

johnny appleseed or tree picnic coloring page
Johnny Appleseed or picnic theme tree
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spring or summer
tree coloring page
smilling tree
spring or summer

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