Monsters Coloring Pages and Printable Activities
Monsters Coloring Pages
and Printable Activities

These coloring pages and printable activities are suitable for preschool to elementary.

The images featured are of monsters in mythology, folklore, fairy tales, fantasy and fictional works in literature or film.

Animals or mythical hybrid or fantasy monsters:

Artemis coloring page
Three-headed dog or hound
Greek mythology
dragons coloring pages
dragon [various]
reptile-like with wings or not
Godzilla coloring page
Prehistoric aquatic monster
Japanese fantasy cinema
King Kong coloring page
King Kong
Giant monster ape - gorilla
American fantasy cinema
Medusa coloring page
Medusa (Gorgon)
Hybrid: female with snakes for hair, turns men & animals into stone. Greek mythology
Minotaur coloring page
Hybrid: part man & bull
Greek mythology

Legendary, mythical creatures, fantasy or fictional monsters:

alien coloring page
alien · extraterrestrial
Science fiction & ufology folklore
[outer space]
cyclops coloring page
Giant one-eyed creature
Greek mythology
Frankenstein coloring page
Frankenstein's monster [various]
Novel by Mary Shelley
ghosts coloring pages
ghost [various]
Apparition of a dead person to the living
giant coloring page
Being of human form of great size & strength · Fantasy & myth
grim reaperl coloring page
grim reaper
personification of death
mummy coloring page
Undead creature wrapped in bandages. Egyptian mythology
mummy and crows ravens coloring page
mummy & [crows]
ogre coloring page
human-eating giant
troll coloring page
Nordic folklore: ugly giant or dwarf that lives isolated & dangerous
vampires coloring pages
vampire [various]
Folklore: Undead that feed on the blood of the living
werewolf coloring page
Man that transforms into a monstrous wolf at full moon
werewolf coloring page

witch coloring pages
witch [various]
yeti coloring page
yeti · Abominable Snowman
Folklore Asia: large ape-like creature [apes]
zombie coloring page
Haitian folkclore: Undead creature resulting from witchcraft
zombie coloring page