Legendary Creatures Coloring Pages
and Printable Activities

Legendary Creatures Coloring Pages
and Printable Activities

These coloring pages and printable activities are suitable for preschool to elementary.

The images featured are of legendary creatures in mythology, folklore and fairy tales. These may also be referred to as mythological creatures, fabulous creatures and fabulous beasts.

Animals and Mythical Hybrids:

Centaur coloring page
Human hybrid: part man & horse
Greek mythology
Artemis coloring page
Three-headed dog or hound
Greek mythology
dragons coloring pages
dragon [various]
reptile-like with wings or not
Easter Bunny coloring pages
Easter Bunny [various]
German folklore (hare or rabbit)
faun coloring page
Human hybrid: part man & goat
Greek & Roman mythology
Godzilla coloring page
Prehistoric aquatic monster
Japanese fantasy cinema
Griffin coloring page
Hybrid: part eagle & lion
mermaid and mermen coloring pages
mermaid & mermen [various]
Hybrid: part human & fish
King Kong coloring page
King Kong
Giant monster ape - gorilla
American fantasy cinema
Minotaur coloring page
Hybrid: part man & bull
Greek mythology
Hera coloring page
Divine white winged horse
Greek mythology
Phoenix coloring page
Long-lived bird that regenerates or is born agan
sea goat coloring page
sea goat
Hybrid: half goat & fish
Greek mythology
Triton greek god coloring page
Hybrid: part human & fish merman · Greek mythology
unicorns coloring pages
unicorns [various]
horse-like with a horn in the forehead · mythology

Other legendary creatures in fantasy, folklore and myth:

fairy or fairies coloring pages
fairy · fairies
cyclops coloring page
monsters (various)