Back to School and Daycare Coloring Pages
Back to School · Daycare Coloring Pages

These printable activities are an extension of the Back to School theme, with links to related lesson plans, crafts and activities for daycare, preschoolers and kindergarten. These images can help parents, preschool teachers and day care providers to introduce and review the elements and routines of the first days at daycare, preschool, kindergarten environment.

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letter a apple printable activities
Letter A apple printable activities
An apple for my teacher
apple coloring pages
apple [various]
school cafeteria worker coloring page
cafeteria · dining hall · lunchroom staff · server
crossing guard coloring page
crossing guard
[community helpers]
boy graduation coloring page
girl graduation coloring page
mary had a little lamb printable activities
Mary Had a Little Lamb printable activities
[printable craft]
letter b bus printable activities
Letter B bus printable activities
school bus coloring page
school bus
school bus coloring page
school bus
school bus coloring page
school bus & children
school bus coloring page
boarding the school bus
(land transports)
school bus coloring page
school bus & bus driver

(school bus activities)
teacher coloring page
teacher coloring page

Games and activities that promote physical activity:

hopscotch coloring page
 hula hoop coloring page
hula hoop
jumping rope coloring page
jumping rope
school playground coloring page

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