Color words worksheets primary colors

Colors Worksheets
for Preschool, Kindergarten and Elementary

Colors worksheets to learn how to write color words suitable for preschool and kindergarten.

Color the Rainbow Colors | Primary & Secondary Colors:

Color words worksheets primary colors
Primary colors
Standard block [Color]  [Coloring]
Color words worksheets secondary colors
Secondary colors

Standard block [Color]  [Coloring]


Colorful Trees > Dr. Seuss' The Lorax - Primary and Secondary Colors

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Colorful Trees worksheets primary colors to practice color words handwriting
Primary colors
Standard Block  [Color]  [Coloring]
D'Nealian  [Color]  [Coloring]
Colorful Trees worksheets secondary colors to practice color words handwriting
Secondary colors

Standard Block  [Color]  [Coloring]
D'Nealian Print  [Color]  [Coloring]
Colorful trees flash cards  for Dr. Seuss' The Lorax
Matching Color Flash Cards Game
Suitable for older toddlers
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Printable preschool lined writing paper for independent handwriting practice
Handwriting Lined-Paper
Print lined paper in the back of the worksheets for independent handwriting practice


  • Insert in page protectors, and use washable markers to reuse worksheets
  • Use matching coloring writing tools to trace and color.
  • Make sure children practice writing their full name in the top line of the worksheets.
  • After children have practiced with the dotted tracer, practice writing the color words independently using lined paper suitable for preschool, K and primary level.