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Alphabet Letter S Impact Poster Preschool Lesson Plan Activities

Activities Materials
Note: This activity counts as two activities due to the steps involved.

Version for 2 & 3 year olds:
*Step 1: Adult draw upper case and lower case letter on the large piece of paper (ahead of time) and print and cut the four letter pictures. Proceed with the steps below.

Version for 3 & 4’s:
*Step 1: Adult draws large dots to form the letters (include arrows to show direction). Child will connect the dots with paint. Proceed with the steps below.

*This activity is better accomplished when the poster is placed on a wall, poster board or easel.

*Encourage child to paint the letter.

Explain the proper direction of “writing” the letter. Join child in the painting process.

*While the paint dries, discuss some facts about the letter pictures and conduct a short activity or craft for each image, ask child to find the hidden S's in the images, emphasize on the letter sound.

Child will glue one or two pictures a day until all eight letter cards are on the poster.

*Display the poster at the child’s eye level in a place he will see regularly (kitchen wall, child’s room, family room) at least for a week.

*Remember to make a picture of child with his completed first letter project for his scrapbook.
*Large piece of paper or tape tape four standard size to make a poster
*Washable paints
*Paint brush or sponge.
Print and cut these letter pictures for the poster

Letter S mpact flash cards

Use a hair dryer to speed the drying process.
* Cut a sponge in the shape of the letter and sponge paint the letter in the poster on a different day.

*Older children may be able to draw their own pictures rather than pasting the pictures.
*Glue other items with the letter S, such as:
seeds, sand, sandpaper, etc.