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Crab Theme Preschool Lesson Plan Printable Activities and Worksheets

Activities Materials
The crab is an interesting animal to introduce a seashore (coastline) animal and various other skills.

The activities are appropriate for an ocean creatures, seashore or aquarium theme.

Activity 1 > Science > Animals > Ocean > Learning about the Crab

Present some crab fun facts and images. Here are some basic facts and links to choose from. Adapt the information and materials to your teaching needs.
Quick Crab Facts - Crabs coloring pages (display)

Crabs are arthropods.

Crabs live along coastlines in cracks and under plants in tide pools, or in burrows in sand.

* Like a suit of armor, a crab's shell protect it from attackers. A crab has two claws for holding and tearing food and for fighting. If a crab's claw breaks off, a new one grows back!

* When a crab grows too big for its shell, the shell splits and the crab climbs out of it. The crab then grows a new shell.

* A crab's shell matches the color of the rocks, plants or sand where it lives.

* A crab moves quickly, moving sideways on its eight back legs.

Link for images and information:
Crab information and image gallery at Click on images to see a larger version.

Activity 2 > Online Jigsaw Puzzle > Crab
Skill: Problem solving, bilingual English and Spanish
Here is an online puzzle the children will enjoy with a fun crab image. The default puzzle is 6 pieces. Click on the change cut button to change shape and number of pieces.

Activity 3 > Alphabet Activities > Letter C is for Crab
Introduce or practice letter C with these printable activities and mini-book or focus on Cr blend words: crab, crocodile, cricket, etc.

Activity 4 > Printable Crab Craft (Ages 2.5+)
Select a crab craft. Tell the children they are going to have fun with a craft activities related to the crab. The crab crafts will incorporate various learning skills during assembly.

Activity 5 > Online story time | Literacy | Character education:

* Aesop's Fable
> Read, print and video > The Young Crab and his Mother

* Theme > Friendship > Listen and read this delightful online story of a snail and Herman the crab What A Friend > for PC (for smaller devices)

Activity 6 > Nutrition > Food group > Protein Food Group
Crab is a shellfish and included in the Protein Food Group.

Animals > Ocean-Seashore > Crab >