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Jellyfish Craft · Letter J Theme · Preschool Lesson Plan Activities

Activities Materials
The children are going to meet another special ocean creature: the jellyfish.

Activity 1: Science - Learning about the Jellyfish
Print or have the children view your choice of J is for and share the facts below:

Demonstrate this color poster and discuss some basic jellyfish facts:
1. The jellyfish has large tentacles that hang bellow its body.
2. The body and tentacles are made up of gelatin type material and that is how it got its name.
3. The jellyfish eats small fish, as well as other jellyfish.
4. A jellyfish moves itself easily through the ocean by shooting water from its bell shaped body.

Activity 2: Online Jigsaw Puzzle > Jellyfish
Skill: Problem solving, bilingual English and Spanish
Here is an online puzzle the children will enjoy with a fun zebra image. The default puzzle is 6 pieces. Click on the change cut button to change shape and number of pieces.

Activity 3: Letter J is for Jellyfish Alphabet Activities

This is a good time to present or reinforce letter J, visit this suggested activities with a printable materials.

Activity 4: Paper Plate Jellyfish Craft and Letter J is for Jellyfish
Review the materials needed in the materials column.
1. Give each child a half of a paper plate or one paper plate.
2. Have the children draw a smiley face (2 simple eyes and smile - see below for nose instructions) on the inside of their paper.If using half of the plate, make sure the plate's rounded area in facing up when drawing the face features.

Demonstrate the alphabet color poster and ask the children if they can try to make a letter J for a nose in the plate. Help the younger children make the letter J for a nose. (2 eyes, letter J for a nose and big smile). Explain J is the first letter and sound in the word jellyfish.
3. Give each child several streamers or ribbons - 7-10. These can be from leftovers from birthday parties or other holidays, or cut long strips of construction paper in different widths and lengths.
4. Show the children how to glue the streamers to the undersides of and rims of half/bottom of their paper plate so that that the strips hang down toward the ground.
5. The children will then decorate the top rims of the plates with glue and glitter.
6. Tape a piece of yarn or string to the center/top of the paper plate back.
7. After the jellyfish craft is dry they can be hanged for a colorful "school" of jellyfish in a bulleting board or from the ceiling.

Activity 5: Water Coloring a Jellyfish > Coloring Pages:
Print your choice of a jellyfish coloring page and have the children watercolor it. Ask the older children if they would like to add and draw fish, starfish or sand dollar to the scene.
letter j jellyfish printable activities
Letter J Jellyfish Printable Activities

jellyfish coloring pages

Jellyfish coloring pages:

jellyfish online jigsaw puzzle
Jellyfish online jigsaw puzzle

Materials for the Paper Plate Jellyfish:
*paper plate (1 per child)
*streamers or ribbons in different widths and lengths or construction paper cut in strips
*glitter (1/2 or 1 teaspoon per child) or glitter glue
*yarn (12-15 inches per child)
*crayons or markers

Materials for Water Coloring a Jellyfish
* water colors or water down tempera paint:
1 to 1/2 cup of water to 1/2 teaspoon of paint. Various colors.

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