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Octopus Craft · Letter O · Numbers 1 to 8 Preschool Lesson Plan Printable Activities

Activities Materials
Here are some activities to learn about the octopus a fascinating and intelligent ocean creature.

Print as many of the learning aids and crafts the materials page to prepare for the presentation and activities.

Activity 1: Observe the Octopus > Visit this link to see realistic pictures of octopuses. Click on the images to enlarge.

Activity 2: Discuss Facts about the Octopus > Using this coloring page read some very basic facts about the octopus. Point to body areas as you mention them.

Activity 3: Alphabet Letter O is for Octopus Activities > Visit the link provided for detailed suggestions and printable activities for a letter O Octopus presentation.

Activity 4: Printable Craft - 3D Windsock Octopus

Skills: Tracing-Pre-writing skill, Counting 1-8 and scissor cutting skills

Print the template.
Ideas: Print on white paper or directly on a light/pastel paper or construction paper

This craft offers the opportunity to practice scissor cutting skills, counting 1 to 8 and tracing dotted lines a pre-writing skill.
  • Step 1: Tracing > Ask the children to trace with a crayon along the dotted lines first.

  • Step 2: Counting 1 to 8 > *The octopus is great to practice numbers one to eight because it has eight legs.Count the legs on the template. Count the eight suckers (ovals) on one of the legs.

  • Step 3: Color/Paint and Decorate the Template

    The children can color or paint the template. Provide a variety of materials to do this: sponges, cotton balls, brushes, markers, pastels etc. Once the picture is dry (speed up drying with a hair dryer) proceed to the next step. Idea: Encourage the children to use the color orange that starts with the letter O for and Orange Octopus - use a variety of orange crayon shades or mix red and yellow to obtain different shades with paint.

  • Step 4: Scissor Cutting > Once the octopus is decorated, children can cut it out with preschool scissors. This is an easy project to start practicing cutting straight lines. There is no age specific guidelines for when a child can accomplish this. The sooner the child is allowed to use scissors (ages 2.5 approx) the sooner he/she will master the skill. Use your discretion to do this type of activity and it should be supervised.

    Indicate to the children to cut just outside the straight dotted lines. Ideally make a presentation and show a finished product so they have an idea of what it looks like.

  • Step 4: Assemble the craft > Apply glue to the "lip strip" and glue to the inner side of the paper. You may add a handle with a piece of yarn or ribbon on the sides (as the illustration shows) and tape in place.

Special Events & Occasions: June is Zoo and Aquarium Month - Idea: Make plans to visit an aquarium and see a real octopus!

Book Recommendation:
The Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister has a wonderful octopus character that teaches Rainbow Fish some wonderful lessons about sharing. Visit DLTK's Rainbow Fish Book Break for further ideas and activities for this book.

letter o octopus printable activities
Letter O Octopus printable activities

3-d mini windsock octupus
3-D Mini- Windsock Octopus

Coloring page & fact sheet-octopus

Octopus coloring pages
Octopus coloring pages

*materials to color or paint with

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