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Sand Dollar Numbers Banner Craft · Circle Shape · Preschool Lesson Plan Printable Activities

Today we are going to have fun with a rare and wonderful ocean creature: the sand dollar.

Activity 1: Learning about the Sand Dollar

  • The sand dollar is a kind of sea urchin.
  • It has very small feet that help it move and hide in the sand.
  • The sand dollar also has a mouth in the middle of its body.
  • The sand dollar is flatter than the starfish and is somewhat round in shape.
  • It eats particles of little pieces of ocean plants and ocean animals.
  • The sand dollar has five pores arranged in a petal pattern.

Tell the children they will be doing some fun projects related to the sand dollar.

Activity 2: Coloring and Scissor cutting a Sand dollar

  1. Print the coloring page of a sand dollar. It works better if printed on white card stock or light color construction paper for scissor cutting practice.

  2. The children can color or use watercolors. Suggest different shades of light yellow, brown, orange, beige, sand.

  3. Scissor cutting practice: After coloring have the children try and cut the image out.

  4. After cutting the children can brush lightly with watered glue and sprinkle with a little sand or salt to give it texture.

Activity 3: Letter S is for Sand Dollar > Introduce or review letter S Sand dollar printable activities.

Activity 4: Craft: Sizing Sand Dollars Banner by Size and Number 1 to 5, Recognize the Circle Shape

sand dollar banner pritnable activity sheet

Making a Sand Dollar Banner:

  1. Print the sand dollar activity sheet in white paper or a light colored construction paper or craft paper.

  2. Fold and cut in half a piece of construction paper to form a long strip/banner and tape together - one banner for each child (marine blue or light blue paper would be nice for a ocean color background as shown above).

  3. The banner can be made horizontal or vertical, whichever is easier for the children).

  4. Ask the children what shape are the sand dollars. Have the children color the sand dollars, or you can skip the coloring step. Older children can proceed to cut out the sand dollars. Younger children may need assistance with cutting.

  5. The children will size the different sand dollars by size and number. Once they have determined the correct sequence, have them glue the sand dollars to the long piece of paper. To help the children sequence correctly, show them a number line from one to five in a dry erase board or piece of paper.

  6. Review each of the sizes and numbers with the children. Emphasize on the circle shape. Have them point out the smallest and largest.

Activity 5: The Legend of the Sand Dollar
Ages 4.5-6 This poem has Biblical and Christian message. It is appropriate for Easter or Christmas.

Activity #2:
sand dollar coloring page 1
sand dollar coloring page

Activity #4:
sand dollar banner activity
Sand dollar activity sheet
and a strip of blue construction paper

Activity #5:
letter s sand dollar printable activities
Letter S Sand dollar Printable Activities

*white paper or construction paper
*something to color with
*glue and a little sand
*blue construction paper for banner

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