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Shark Crafts · Consonant Digraph Sh · Preschool Lesson Plan Printable Activities

Activities Materials

Sharks are a favorite with children, so let's get started! Adapt the information for children under three. The most important thing to share with children is that most sharks are actually not dangerous and don't harm people. Learning about them and what to do if we are near one is what counts!

Display Materials:
Prepare some of these suggested materials ahead of time for the presentation:
Surprise the children with a fun shark color posters display - select some images here as well as coloring pages for an activity below.

Activity 1: View and learn about sharks at - Sharks

Before viewing these images have a discussion to prepare them. Ask them if they are familiar with sharks. What do they know or have heard about them. Where have they seen them.

Warning: Some of the images may be a bit scary for very young children, so please view them first. There are no bloody images, just shark images big teeth ready for lunch...

Here is the place for the younger crowd and the young at heart to learn about sharks, Sharks. Visit the facts section and read or select some information at your discretion, then visit and select images from the pictures section. I wish to share that these wonderful shark web pages are a daughter & mother team project - Tasha, now seven years old and her mom, Leanne (the heart of DLTK Crafts for Kids). Tasha worked very hard on the research and content, and Mom helped put it on the web, what a great job! Please browse around in the activities section for more fun activities for the whole family!

Basic facts about sharks for young children:
1. Sharks live in the ocean.
2. Most sharks have rows of sharp teeth.
3. Sharks are very fast swimmers.
4. People believe that most all sharks are dangerous but this is not so, there are kinds of shark that do not hurt people. The basking shark has no teeth. It floats on the water and eats tiny sea creatures and small fish.
5. The whale shark, the largest shark, also eats sea creatures and small fish. It can be longer than a large sailing boat.
6. The dwarf shark is tiny, only 5 inches long.
7. The white shark is the most dangerous shark and it may attack people or any other creature it runs into.

Here are some suggested activities after viewing Sharks:

Activity 2: Select from two easy art and craft activities below:

*Watercolor a Shark: Select from these coloring pages to watercolor a shark.

Using gray, green and blue water color paint (or 1/2 teaspoon of tempera paint to 1/2 cup of water) have the children pain the picture. Encourage the children to pain the shark gray, to add some green wiggly lines to look like seaweed, and the water blue.

For large groups: add these to an ocean mural if you have worked on one during the summer.

*Hammerhead Puppet or Headband Hat
Print this coloring page of a hammerhead shark onto sturdy paper to make a hand puppet or head band hat.

Point to the children this is an unusual shark, that is quite different from the others. Tell them its name is hammerhead shark and it got its name because the head looks like a hammer. It uses the head to help defend itself by hitting other fish with it.

Have the children color the page, then cut or help cut out this image of the hammerhead. Glue the image to a craft stick (to the tail and head up) or make a head band by cutting a piece of construction paper in 3 or 4 inch bands, tape to strips and have the children glue the shark image on the center of the band. Secure around the head, cut of excess paper and tape.

Activity 3: Hammerhead Shark Play Poem
Read and do the play with the children wearing the head band or holding the hand puppet:
Play Poem:
Deep in the ocean,
Far, far away from the shore,
A hammerhead shark lives,
Swimming near the ocean floor.
(demonstrate to the children to move with the puppet or hat in a crouch position near the floor in a zig zag motion)
When the hammerhead calls his friends,
they all come to swim and play,
(tell the children to gather together, pretending that they are swimming & playing together)
out in the deep ocean,
so far, far way.

Activity 4: Alphabet Consonant Digraph Sh Shark
This activity is for children that are comfortable with the alphabet and are ready to learn digraphs and blends. There are related activities for sheep, shoes, and shepherd to reinforce the initial sound.

Activity 5: Shark Online Jigsaw Puzzle: Click the change cut button to adapt the puzzle from 6 to 247 pieces.

consonant digraph sh shark printable activities
Consonant Digraph Sh Shark Printable Activities

shark coloring pages
Display: Shark coloring pages

hammerhead shark coloring page for hand puppet
Hammerhead shark for puppet or headband hat

shark online jigsaw puzzle
Shark online jigsaw puzzle
*coloring materials, *watercolors or diluted tempera paints
*construction paper

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