Starfish Preschool Lesson Plan Printable Activities

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Today the children will have fun learning about the starfish and doing some really fun crafts, recognize the star shape and counting activities.

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Introduction to the Starfish or Sea Star
The starfish is a sea animal with a flat body and five or more arms. Starfish live in shallow parts of the ocean. They are carnivores that eat clams an other mollusks. They are also called sea stars.

The starfish is shaped like a star. A star shape is a design with five or more points that emerge from a center.

A star is also is also any of a vast number of heavenly bodies (astrological object) visible from earth as points of light in the night sky. The sun is a star.

Activity > Alphabet Letter S is for Starfish
> Present these activities as part of an letter S activity program.

Activity > Online Story time >The Lonely Starfish at Whimsical Bedtime Stories
Recommended for Age 4 and older. A beautiful story of a lonely starfish, and Stanley, the Starfish is a bit confused. He thinks he fell out of the sky ..., don't miss it.

Select a craft below:
Activity > Craft > Making a Paper Starfish > Visit this easy craft activity to address various educational skills: shape, counting, sensory experience.

Activity > Craft > Making a Starfish Necklace, Medallion or Ornament > An easy craft for older children that addresses various skills.

Activity > Starfish Online Puzzle
Skills > Problem solving | Computer skills > using the mouse | Bilingual: English and Spanish
Have fun with this 6-piece Starfish online puzzle. Everyone in the family can enjoy this puzzle - adjust the number of pieces by clicking on the change cut button.

Snack Idea: Star Shaped Cookies
Use ready refrigerated cookie dough and have the children help make star shaped cookies with star shaped cookie cutters. You may want to divide the dough add a little food coloring to each lump of dough to obtain colorful stars. Add sugary decorations.Practice colors and have children decorate dough brushing the cookies with diluted food coloring.

letter s starfish printable activities
Letter S Starfish printable activities

starfish printable crafts
Select a starfish craft
in the lesson plan

starfish online jigsaw puzzle
Starfish online jigsaw puzzle

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