Rainbow Colors · Primary and Secondary Colors Mixing Activity · Visual Arts Preschool Lesson Plan Printable Activities

Rainbow Colors | Primary and Secondary Colors Mixing Activity | Visual Arts Preschool Lesson Plan Printable Activities

Purpose: Demonstrate to children how the primary colors: red, blue and yellow mix and form the secondary colors: orange, green and purple. This activity will help children mix colors but also match the color words.

It is a wonderful experience for children to see and experience how colors mix and form other colors.


  • printer
  • white paper
  • sheet protector for worksheet
  • washable primary colors paints or finger-paints
  • brushes
  • Optional: Q-Tips
  • water to clean brushes
  • damp cloth to clean fingers


  • Print templates for poster and color mixing worksheet.
  • Insert color mixing worksheet in sheet protector
  • First, discuss the poster: name the colors, how these mix and the resulting color.
  • Place paint cups to be used for each row in the poster in sequence, only two cups at a time
    • start with red + yellow, as shown in the poster
    • have children fill the rainbow arches with those two colors,
    • mix a little red & yellow in the third arch until orange appears,
    • remove the red paint and place blue next to the yellow
    • follow the sequence on the poster always removing the color that
      won't be used for the next mixing to avoid confusion.
    • when all three rows are finished, take a snapshot of the finished worksheet
    • If time allows, wipe the page and do the process a second time


color mixin poster primary and secondary colors

Rainbow color mixing poster

color mixing activity worksheet

Rainbow color mixing worksheet


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