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It is never too soon to present our children with the biographies of great men and woman that have made a contribution to the world at large. Biographies are also an opportunity to present different careers and community helpers. Let's introduce to our children a woman who had a dream to fly and she made that dream a reality: Amelia Earhart.

There are a number of activities and crafts that can be spread out over a few days.

The activities are appropriate to celebrate various transportation events, and to introduce a career and community helper theme: the pilot and letter P is for Pilot.

Activity: Book recommendation:

I am Amelia Earhart - by Brad Meltzer picture book

For the introduction and discussion you may want to print out the color poster, which features a woman pilot that could be Amelia, receiving a bouquet of flowers after one of her successful flights. Start by asking the children if they can describe what they see in the poster. Explain that this is a female pilot and they will listen to a wonderful story about her and how she became one of the most famous pilots in the world.Distribute the coloring page format after the story discussion or as a take home activity.

Amelia Earhart's story is a wonderful way to start presenting biographies to young children because both boys and girls will identify with her adventurous spirit and airplanes are fun! Discuss Amelia's qualities and how her dedication to learn everything she could about airplanes was instrumental in making her the most admired woman pilot in the world.

These activities are also appropriate to celebrate many American patriotic holidays. Amelia is an example of "the American spirit" - her life is a celebration of the value of freedom, and she exemplifies the contributions that each and every American citizen can make to their country by pursuing excellence and being a role model to those around them.

Activity: Community Helper & Career: The Pilot online resources
Discuss the role of the pilot as a community helper and career description. Ask the children what they think a pilot does. What does a pilot do? > Review information at link #1 and #2

Activity: Airplane Coloring > Simple airplane coloring pages for the youngest children in the materials column.

Activity:Craft Option 1 Make a Paper Airplane - Very Easy
Here is a very simple paper airplane. Print and cut the template and then you can trace over other pages to make several for a large group. Children may want to decorate the template first with crayons, stampers, etc. Go outdoors and fly them!

Activity:Craft Option 2 DLTK's Craft: Make Styrofoam Airplanes -2 types (3.5+)
This is such a great craft and you get to recycle those Styrofoam trays. There are two types of plane: cargo and jet templates.

You may want to try this alternative: Print the template and trace the airplane body onto paper twice. Have the children color and decorate them and then glue them to the Styrofoam pieces.

Activity: Alphabet Printable Lesson Plan ActivitiesAges 3+
Select a letter to present > Letter J is for Jet | Letter P is for Pilot

Amelia Earhart poster
Amelia Earhart
color poster

coloring page
airplane coloring pages
air transport coloring pages:
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Alphabet letter lesson plans for:

letter j jet printable activities
Letter J Jet

letter p pilot printable activities
Letter P Pilot

Very easy paper airplane template
Paper Airplane - Very Easy

Make Styrofoam Airplanes

Materials for crafts:
*coloring tools

*clean Styrofoam trays or the lid of egg containers

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