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Ants Craft · Ant's Go Marching Letter A · Fingerprints Craft
Preschool Lesson Plan Printable Activities

This easy craft activity is appropriate to present letter A Ant and an insects theme.

Crafty Fingerprints: Ant's Go Marching Letter A >

: Letter A recognition, colors (black or red), numbers 1-10, and science > insects have six legs

  1. Print the letter A on white or colorful paper. Explain the word ant starts with the letter A a.

  2. The upper letter A will represent an ant-hill. Demonstrate how both upper case and lower case letters are written doing a finger tracing first. Trace with your finger, pretend that a little ant is "marching" the writing path. Have the children do the same with their finger.

  3. Have children trace inside the letter with a red or black coloring pencil, marker or crayon after finger tracing.

  4. Fingerprints Ants marching Letter A:
    Use a red or black washable ink pad or dip fingers in paint to make ten fingerprint ants "marching" up and down the sides of the upper case letter A ant hill (five ants on each side) -- count out loud. Draw six legs to the each finger print to reinforce insects have six legs.

Music > Song > The Ants go Marching
After the craft project is completed, sing this traditional song: The Ants go Marching (music and lyrics)

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