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Ice Cream Craft to Learn Colors and Numbers Preschool Lesson Plan Printable Activities

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Ice Cream Cone Colors or Numbers Craft
ice cream cone with colors and color words craft ice cream cone with colors and numbers craft

This ice cream cone with a "tower of ice cream scoops" can be a learning tool or homemade toy for learning colors and numbers.

The ice cream cone is not meant to be assembled all at once by the children, but instead by stages. The cone can also be used as an educational display / bulletin board item or to make individual cones. Some suggestions for presenting it are below.

You may want to consider laminating the elements: scoops, cones, and labels (colors and numbers) for extended use. After it is laminated attach Velcro to assemble the scoops and the labels. The pieces can be stored and reassembled again and again.

The vertical format is also an easy and convenient way to display colors and numbers in a compact space and can be adapted for use in bulletin boards in various way.

Other options:
*Make single cones to display children's pictures.

*Make individual cones with one scoop for a vertical display

Activity #1: Craft - Ice Cream Cone Colors and Numbers 1 to 10

Suggestions sequence of presenting the cone craft:
Toddlers: (Under 36 months)
1. Display individual cones with primary colors for practice.
2. Select a cone with three colors (primary colors: yellow, blue, red). Cut out pieces and the children can assemble the cone. Provide the color labels so they can match to the cones. Separately conduct a number activity for numbers 1 to 3. Progressively add a secondary color (orange, green and purple) to the cone as well as a color word card and number.

Ages 3+ and older.
Rainbow Colors Theme:
Choose a cone with primary colors and then present a color mixing activity that demonstrates how secondary colors are obtained. Assemble the cone with six scoops -- primary colors and secondary colors. Separately introduce numbers.

Printing Options:

1. Option #1: Print color templates and select from two cone options. Review assembly below. Optional: Select color word cards and/or number cards to add to the cones.

2. Option #2: This option is best for large groups. Use black and white templates and print directly to color paper or construction paper. You will print 2 ice cream scoops of the same color per paper, which can be separated later. Print your choice of cone to tan or brown paper. Divide the the scoops so each child has the number of scoops for the activity. Optional: Print your choice or color or black and white color words or number labels. For color labels, fill the numbers and dots with markers.

3. The pieces can be precut or children can help cut some of the pieces. Six scoops and the cone are probably too much for the children to cut out on their own.

Learning about Primary Colors and Secondary Colors:

Before the assembly, the ice cream scoops can be used to make a presentation about primary colors and how these mix to form secondary colors. Print and cut out additional cones to make a graph or use these materials and presentation for this purpose.

Assembly Suggestions:

The scoops can be arranged from top to bottom by placing the primary colors first, secondary colors next and brown/gray and pink last or free style. After the scoops are organized and glued they can be pasted onto to the cone. Distribute color labels or number labels depending on which you wish to practice.

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Color Templates:
*Cone 1

*Cone 2

*Blue & Green

*Red & Yellow

*Orange & Purple

*Brown & Pink


Optional Cones:
*Black & White

Color labels (English)

Color labels (Spanish)

Black & White Templates:
*Cone 1

*Cone 2


*Color labels (English)

*Color labels (Spanish)

*Number labels

letter i ice cream printable activities

Letter I Ice cream printable activities