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Santa Claus Theme Preschool Lesson Plan Printable Activities

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Santa Claus' images, holiday traditions and his name vary from place to place, and has a long history. Saint Nicholas, a 4th century saint and Greek bishop is the basis for Santa Claus. The name Santa Claus is derived from the Dutch Sinterklaas.

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Saint Nicholas
Sinterklaas > a winter traditional Winter holiday in the Low Countries, and in the territories of the former Dutch Empire. Sinterklaas is the most popular holiday in The Netherlands, Holland. Celebrated on the eve of St. Nicholas Day (Dec. 5) or on the morning of Dec. 6th.

Activity: Santa Claus Crafts
Select a Santa Claus theme craft. During the assembly children will learn and practice various skills: scissor cutting, counting, sizing, identifying colors, shapes, problem solving, following instructions and more.

Activity: Letter S is for Santa Claus lesson plan
Visit the alphabet lesson plan and printable activities for S is for Santa Claus.

Activities: Santa Claus theme educational printable activities
Cut and paste, shapes, colors, mazes, and more.

Activity: Music > Santa Claus Songs
Don't miss the opportunity to play some music while making the craft or make a special time to sing a Santa Claus theme songs as a separate activity when the craft is completed.
Lyrics & Music here. Song 1 | 2

Activity > Coloring and Painting
Santa Claus, Elves & Reindeers coloring pages to choose from.
Children can read the online story again or other related Santa book and have fun with coloring activities that can become large greeting cards, or the image can be cut out to make an ornament or puppet.

Activity: Online Activities and stories at

Read your favorite Santa story or visit a fun and educational site filled with holiday stories and activities for preschoolers to third grade level.

Educators/Parents: For a refreshing look and perspective of St. Nicholas / the tradition of Santa Claus please visit these articles: A Tribute to Santa Claus at DLTK's Crafts for Kids

santa claus printable crafts
Select a
Santa Claus printable craft

letterr s santa claud printable activities
Letter S Santa printable activities

santa claus educational printable activities
Santa Claus educational printable activities