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Saint Nicholas or Sinterklaas Craft | Christmas Preschool Lesson Plan Printable Activities

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Fun with Saint Nicholas, the patron saint of children, sailors, and the city of Amsterdam the capital of The Netherlands ... among others. Sinterklaas or Sint Nicolaas is a traditional figure based on St. Nicholas, and the most popular holiday in The Netherlands. Sinterklaas is also one of the sources for the Christmas icon Santa Claus.

St. Nicholas was a 4th century saint and Greek Bishop of Myra (which is part of modern day Turkey). He had a reputation for secret gift-giving, and became the model for Santa Claus, this modern name comes from the Dutch Sinterklaas. His feastday is December 6th [O.S. 19 December for Eastern churches].

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Saint Nicholas
Sinterklaas > a traditional Winter holiday in the Low Countries, and in the territories of the former Dutch Empire. Celebrated on the eve of St. Nicholas Day (Dec. 5th) or on the morning of Dec. 6th. in Belgium, Luxembourg, and Northern France.

Sinterklaas and St. Nicholas' Eve is mainly a gift-giving occasion. The celebration varies in the countries mentioned. In The Netherlands,, before going to bed, children, leave their shoes with a carrot or some hay in it and a bowl of water nearby "for Sinterklaas' horse", and the children sing a Sinterklaas song. The next day they find some traditional candy or a small present in their shoes.

Activity > St. Nicholas Craft or Sinterklaas

Printing and assembly options:
Option 1: Print color template version and choose blank beard or calendar template version, cut out, and assemble (add other decorations -cotton balls, etc.). Discuss colors on the templates.
Option 2: Print black and white templates. Children can color or paint, cut out and proceed as above.

Craft Assembly Procedure
(after pieces are colored in and cut out)
Show the small image of the craft (featured in the template) to help the children see how the finished craft looks and to aid them in positioning the pieces.

1. Color pieces that apply in template #1b.
2. Glue hat [miter or mitre*] to head
*A miter is a bishop's hat, it is pointed for the Western church or round with a cross on top for the Eastern Church.
3. Glue eyes close to the edge of the hat.
4. Glue circle nose very close to eyes.
5. Glue mouth (oval in horizontal position) as indicated on the beard.
6. Glue mustache with about half of mouth showing.
7. Glue this assembled piece on the face under the nose.

Optional decorations:
Paste divided cotton balls to the beard, mustache, (one standard cotton ball can be divided into two to three portions) - approximate total cotton balls needed: 10 to 14. Tip: For mustache, take one cotton ball and stretch it slowly and measure over the templates and paste. Tape an envelope next to the craft with cotton ball portions and a glue stick ready for each day.

For Toddlers:

Assemble the craft and children can paste a cotton ball on each day as Christmas approaches.

Activity Calendar:
Below are some examples of 2-3 word activities that can be written in the calendar version.

bake cookies, call Grandma/pa, wrap presents, skating or skiing day, snowman fun, make paper snowflakes, sing Xmas songs, play group day, show & tell day, Xmas video night, read ___(Title of a book),Bible passage information, etc.

Reading Log:
Use the St. Nicholas calendar to keep a winter learning / reading log. Write the title of a holiday or winter themed book read and discussed, online story/activity, poems, songs, recipe (fun in the kitchen). Suggested themes: religious or traditional holiday stories, winter theme (weather conditions- snow, snowflakes).

Read a Biblical passage and activity every day leading to Christmas Day, and combine with the activity of an Advent Wreath

Other crafty ideas:
1. Use the craft to decorate plain gift bags, or as a large gift tag for a large gift.
2. Instead of gluing cotton balls place a Post-it Note pad or photograph on the beard for a note holder or photo frame.

St. Nicholas - Sinterklaas
Printable Craft
Saint Nicholas  or Sinterklass Printable Craft
Color Version
Print 1C, 2

Coloring Version
Print 1B, 2

St. Nicholas - Sinterklaas
Calendar Craft
Saint Nicholas Sinterklaas  Craft Calendar
Calendar 1-25 days
Color version
Print 1C, 2CL

Coloring version
Print 1B, 2CL

Saint Nicholas Advent Calendar Printable Craft
Advent Calendar
Color version
Print 1C, 2AD

Coloring version
Print 1B, 2AD