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There was an Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe Nursery Rhyme Peter, Peter Pumpkin Eater Nursery Rhyme Preschool Lesson Plan Printable ActivitiesPreschool Lesson Plan Printable Activities


  • printer
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This rhyme is useful to introduce the topic of shoes: why we wear them, how different shoes are tailored for different activites, and it can help when teaching children how to put their shoes independently.

Review the nursery rhyme video at YouTube and select the printable activities.

Activity > Present the nursery rhyme
  • Print, read and sing the nursery rhyme poster in the link provided and view YouTube video
  • Make sure child understands the meaning of all the  words. Identify colors in the picture.
  • Nursery rhyme coloring page > Children will have fun coloring and or painting an image of the nursery rhyme. Print the coloring page in the link provided.
    • Read and sing the rhyme sliding your finger under the text.
    • Discuss the image and ask the children what do they see in the image.
    • Would people really live in shoe?  This helps the children establish the difference between real and fantasy.
    • Count the infants or babies the lady is holding in her arms.
    • Count the young children the lady is not holding. 

Note: Children under 2 will benefit greatly from singing, using puppets, stuffed animals, and/or finger plays with nursery rhymes.

Activity > Health > Discuss Shoes > Why do we wear shoes? Discuss

Shoes protect our feet from injury and diseases. Shoes also help us keep good posture and that is important for good health. Certain shoewear is specific to a profession or activity.

Demonstrate different shoes and their use in a particular activity. Show different types on a shoe website to browse shoes for different occasions, and professions.

  1. Sports shoes: golf shoes, baseball shoes, running shoes etc.
  2. Boots - construction worker, painter
  3. Nurses and careers in health care shoes
  4. Dancer shoes - ballerina or tap dancing shoes
  5. Flippers for scuba diving or snorkeling
  6. Cowboy boots
  7. Sports - many sports requre specific shoes or footwear

Activity > Numbers > Matching, Sorting, Sizing Shoes

This activity is obviously easier to do at home and we can ensure the shoes are fairly clean, and wash hands after completing the activity.

  • Mix, Sort and Match:
    Mix four to six pairs of shoes and have the children match them correctly. (more pairs for older children to make the activity challenging).

  • Sizing: Small and Big
    For younger children do a sizing activity and ask the children which are the smallest and largest shoes and to line them up from largest to smallest and vice versa.

Activity > Match the Shoe to the Activity

Print your choice of color or black & white version of this activity page.

  1. Cut out the images on the right.
  2. Ask and assist the children to identify each shoe and for what type of activity it might be for before showing the activity page. Keep note of their responses.
  3. Distribute the activity page and provide glue or glue stick.
  4. Ask them if they can identify the different images and what activity each person is doing.
  5. Compare their previous answers to the images to see if they matched or came close in their guess to the images on the activity page.
  6. Suggest they glue the shoe to the correct matching activity.

Activity > Consonant Digraph /Sh/ > Sh is for Shoe

Advanced Kindergarten - 1st Grade: Present consonant digraph Sh using the activity worksheet, companion mini-book. Read suggestions for using and presenting these materials.

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There was an Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe nursery rhyme poster
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There was an Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe nursery rhyme coloring page
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match the shoe to the activity worksheet
Match the Shoe to the Activity
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