The Twelve Days of Christmas Coloring Pages · Set 2
The Twelve Days of Christmas Coloring Pages · Set 2

The Twelve Days of Christmas coloring pages are associated to the text of the famous English Christmas carol. These are to celebrate the Nativity of Jesus, from 25 December to 5 January. These are suitable for toddlers, preschool and kindergarten.

This song is a great way to learn cardinal numbers: 1 to 12, and ordinal numbers: first to twelfth.

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a partridge in a pear tree coloring page
first day
a partridge in a pear tree
two turtle doves coloring page
second day
two turtle doves
three french hens coloring page
third day
three French hens
Four calling birds coloring page
fourth day
four calling birds
five gold rings coloring page
fifth day
five golden rings
Six geese a-laying coloring page
sixth day
six geese a-laying
santa claus coloring page
seventh day
seven swans a-swimming
eight maids a-milking coloring page
eighth day
eight maids a-milking
nine ladies dancing coloring page
ninth day
nine ladies dancing
ten lords a-leaping coloring page
tenth day
ten lords a-leaping
eleven pipers piping coloring page
eleventh day
eleven pipers piping
[woodwind instruments]
twelve drummers drumming coloring page
twelfth day
twelve drummers drumming
[percussion instruments]
twelve days of christmas numbers worksheets
matching numbers worksheets
twelve days of christmas coloring pages set 1
Coloring Pages Set 1
[more 12 days of Christmas]