Happy Numbers Worksheets · Level 1 PreschoolHappy Numbers Worksheet - Preschool Happy Numbers Worksheet 0-3 Preschool

Happy Numbers Worksheets · Level 1 Preschool

Happy Numbers worksheets designed to help preschoolers to recognize numbers zero to nine, color, count, and early handwriting skills to get ready for kindergarten.

happy number zero preschool worksheet
Number 0 - zero
happy number one preschool worksheet
Number 1 - one
happy number two preschool worksheet
Number 2 - two
happy number three preschool worksheet
Number 3 - three
happy number four preschool worksheet
Number 4 - four
happy number five preschool worksheet
Number 5 - five
happy number six preschool worksheet
Number 6 - six
happy number seven preschool worksheet
Number 7 - seven
happy number eight preschool worksheet
Number 8 - eight
happy number nine preschool worksheet
Number 9 - nine
Lined-Writing Paper - Preschool independent writing practice
Lined-Writing Paper - Preschool for independent writing practice
Happy Numbers coloring pages - Toddlers to PreK
Happy Numbers coloring pages - Toddlers - PreK
Level 2 - Happy Numbers Worksheets
Kindergarten-1st grade
Level 2 - Happy Numbers
Kindergarten-1st grade

happy numbers zero to three worksheet preschool
Numbers 0 - 3
happy numbers four to seven worksheet preschool
Numbers 4 - 7
happy numbers 8 & 9 worksheet preschool
Numbers 8 & 9


  • Educator writes name and date on the top line.
  • Count the numbers printed on the fingers in the image from left to right. For the number zero, make a circle or oval with your index finger and thumb.
  • Trace with the index finger over the happy number to practice tracing the number, before handwriting practice.
  • Trace the dotted numbers, paying attention to the guiding arrows on the first dotted number.
  • Use your favorite coloring tools to decorate the happy number. We suggest using primary, secondary and complementary colors. You can also decorate with stickers, self-inking rubber stamps or dot markers.
  • Tip: Insert worksheet into clear sheet protector and use dry-erase markers for coloring and writing practice.
  • Print lined writing paper - preschool style to practice writing numbers independently, once you have practiced with the dotted sheets.