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Dolphin Theme · Letter D Theme · Preschool Lesson Plan Printable Activities

Activities Materials

Today the children are going to have fun with the dolphin, practice letter D and other activities!

Display dolphin printable materials. Review and print all other materials needed to conduct the activities in the materials column.

Activity 1: Learning about Dolphins
Share some of these basic facts about dolphins and use the D is for Dolphin poster for display purposes and visit the online resource below:

1. Dolphins are small-toothed whales.
2. They have about 100 teeth, all the same size and shape.
3. Dolphins look like fish and live where fish live, but they are not fish. They are mammals. Mammals feed their young milk, are warm blooded like humans What other animals feed their young milk? What other ocean animals are mammals?
4. Even though they live in the water, they need to come to the surface where they breath air from a tiny hole on top of their head called a blowhole. The dolphin can hold it's breath for 6-7 minutes.
5. Most dolphins are about 6 feet long. Demonstrate the length by walking six feet from a wall.
6. Dolphins can be found all over the world.
7. One of their favorite foods are sardines.
8. Their body is sleek and smooth. Dolphins can actually get sunburned just like us.
9. Dolphins are friendly and intelligent.

10. The Chinese and Indus River dolphins are endangered species.

Online resource:
National Geographic Kids Creature Feature > Bottlenose Dolphin

Tell the children they are now going to do some fun activities related to dolphins!

Activity 2: Letter D is for Dolphin Printable Activities (visit the link and prepare ahead of time for the presentation)

Activity 3: Stand-up Dolphin Easy Craft Activity (reinforce Letter D practice)

Distribute the dolphin template (this is the one under the wheel image in Activity Page Jumping Dolphin 2). Invite the children to color the image and fill the letter Dd. Show them how to trace both letter (upper and lower case). When they are done coloring, cut out image and glue or tape against a toilet paper tube (cut in half to share the tube between two children) or to a craft stick (Popsicle stick). If using the toilet paper tube the dolphin can stand-up, used as a puppet or displayed.

Activity 4: Jumping Dolphins Activity (Ages 3.5 or older)
Warning: This activity requires one paper fastener, which may be dangerous for young children, especially under 3 years old.

Tell the children they are going to make a picture of a jumping dolphin!

* Print and distribute the Jumping Dolphin Activity Page 1 (image with ocean, dolphins), and the remaining image in Jumping Dolphin Activity Page 2- (the dolphin wheel).

Note: You may want to do this step before distributing or while the children cut around the wheel: cut through the waves from point A and B as indicated in the template- this will the opening to insert the dolphin wheel.

Demonstrate and help the children insert the wheel in the opening. Line up the dots of the wheel and image, and insert a paper fastener. Make sure to bend the pointy ends of the fasteners inward to avoid cuts.

Show the children how to turn the dolphin wheel and see how the dolphin "jumps" out of the water.

Fasteners can be dangerous for children under three, since they may put them in their mouths, make sure to be in attendance at all times, while they use the activity.

Children can now also color the page. For older children you may want to give specific instructions to practice colors - line up the following crayon colors in front of the children.
a. ocean water - greenish or blue
b. dolphins gray
c. sun - yellow
d. sky - light blue

Activity 5: Online Jigsaw Puzzle - Dolphin
Problem solving skills.

Have fun with an online puzzle of a dolphin that can be adapted to a different number of pieces. The whole family can have a try.

letter d dolphin printable activities
Letter D Dolphin printable

Craft Activity Pages:
*Jumping Dolphin 1

*Jumping Dolphin 2 and dolphin puppet

dolphin coloring pages
Dolphins coloring pages

dolphin online jigsaw puzzle
Dolphin online puzzle

*coloring tools
*one paper fastener for each child

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