September Holidays and Events
Preschool Activities and Crafts

September 2021 Printable Calendar

September holidays and events printable crafts, coloring pages, activities, lesson plans and themes suitable for toddlers, preschoolers and kindergarten.

Holidays, Events and Observances

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Library Month Sign-up Card Month [info.]:
* Books
* Community Helper: The Librarian
* Printable Bookmarks to Make

Classical Music Month:
* A little bit of Mozart & Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star
* Musical instruments in the orchestra

6th: Labor Day - 1st Monday
* Community Helpers | Careers theme

8th: International Literacy Day [info.]:
* Books | Fables | Fairy Tales | Nursery Rhymes
* Community Helper: The Librarian
* Printable Bookmarks to Make

12th: Grandparent's Day
1st Sunday after Labor Day
* Activities in the St. Valentine's Day
* Grandparent's Day coloring pages

9th: Teddy Bear Day

21st: International Day of Peace [info.]:
  Character Education theme

19th-25th: Child Passenger Safety Week:
Printable & media materials @ Traffic Safety Marketing

22nd: Autumn begins

26th: Johnny Appleseed Day - Apple theme

26th: National Good Neighbor Day - 4th Sunday

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Animals - Pets & Environment Observances

National Chicken Month
National Food Safety Education Month
National Honey Month [info.]
National Service Dog Month
Responsible Dog Ownership Month
World Animal Remembrance Month
1st Saturday: National Hummingbird Day
2nd Sunday: National Pet Memorial Day
4th Saturday: International Rabbit Day
4th week: National Dog Week
Last full week: Sea Otter Awarenesss Week
4th: National Wildlife Day* [info.]
8th: National Iguana Awareness Day
18th: World Water Monitoring Day [info.]
22nd: Elephant Appreciation Day*
28th: World Rabies Day* [info.]
29th: National Goose Day or Saint Michaelmas Day

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