May Holidays and Events
Preschool Activities and Crafts

May 2023 Printable Calendar

May holidays and events printable crafts, coloring pages, activities, lesson plans and themes suitable for toddlers, preschoolers and kindergarten.

Holidays, Events and Observances

Graduation Months - May & June
Activity: Graduation theme owl craft

1st - 5th: Teacher Appreciation Week
1st full week
2nd: National Teacher's Day [info.] -
Tuesday of the 1st full week

2nd-8th National Children's Book Week [info.]
* Books
* Community Helper: The Librarian
* Printable Bookmarks to Make

1st: May Day

1st: Mother Goose Day

4th: International Firefighters' Day [info.]

5th: Cinco de Mayo

5th: Space Day - 1st Friday

12th: Provider Appreciation Day [info.]
Friday before Mother's Day
* Adapt St. Valentine's theme activites & crafts
* Coloring > Child Care Provider

14th: Mother's Day -
2nd Sunday of May

12th: International Nurses Day

14th-20th Police Week [info.]
Week that contains the 15th

14th - 20th: National Transportation Week
Week that contains the 3rd Friday

20th - 26th: National Safe Boating Week [info.]
7-day period ending on the last Friday before Memorial Day

29th: Memorial Day, U.S.A.
Observed last Monday

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Animals - Pets & Environment Observances

National Egg Month
1st full week: Be Kind to Animals Week
1st full week: National Pet Week [info.]
* Activities: Pets theme | Pet Care
2nd Saturday: Animal Disaster Preparedness Day
2nd Saturday: International Migratory Bird Day [info]
2nd weekend: World Migratory Bird Day [info.]
3rd week: National Dog Bite Prevention Week
3rd Friday: Endangered Species Day [info]
4th: Bird Day [info.]
13th: Frog Jumping Day
15th: Hug Your Cat Day
20th > World Bee Day [info.]
23rd: World Turtle Day [info.]
25th: World Otter Day
31st: World Parrot Day

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