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Whale Theme · Letter W Theme · Puzzle · Preschool Lesson Plan Printable Activities

Activities Materials

Let's bring our children "as close as we can" to the biggest animal and mammal in the world with pictures, sounds and wonderful information to share:

Display this fun W Whale poster throughout the activities to reinforce letter W recognition.

Activity 1: Listening, Viewing and Learning about Whales Pretend you are on a whale watching journey. View these wonderful images and information about whales:
Beluga whale or white whale
Blue whale (the largest)
Humpback whale (the singing whale)
Narwhal or narwhale
Sperm whale or cachalot
Orca (Killer Whales) is a toothed whale and member of the oceanic dolphin family

Learning about Whales:
After or during the viewing of these links abovel you can share some basic information about whales:

1.The blue whale is the largest animal in the world.
2. Whales live in the ocean like a fish. However, whales are not a fish. Fish have scales, and whales have smooth skin.
3. Whales belong to a class of animals called mammals. We are mammals too, except the whale must stay in the water to live. Whales feed their young with milk, as we do.
4. There are many different types of whales. Review and show the images above.
5. There are two types of whales: toothed whales and baleen whales that lack teeth.
6. Dolphins and the porpoise are small toothed whales.
7. The narwhal (information) is also a whale and the male grows a long tusk that is actually a overgrown tooth!

Activity 2: Online Book > Finbo
Finbo the whale is sad because he cannot play hide and seek with his friends - he is too big to hide! His mother tells him not to be ashamed of his differences. Finbo and his friends soon learn to appreciate Finbo's size when they get into danger and Finbo saves the day.

Activity 3: Coloring a Whale with Chalk
After enjoying the whale pictures and audio you can do this fun art activity that also incorporates presented letter W:

* Method 1: Print one whale coloring image onto dark or marine blue construction paper

* Method 2: Print one image on card stock or construction paper, cut around the image and trace the image with chalk to make as many copies as you need.

* Instead of crayons, let's try a different medium - chalk. Coloring with chalk is really fun for young children and the soft texture of chalk makes it very easy for them to trace and color a large image. You may want to print two images and join the child in the process. If you don't have chalk use white crayons or white finger paints.

Ask the children to trace over the whale image, write the letter W and the word whale around the image with chalk. For older children 3+, write the letter W with dots and encourage child to connect the dots.

*This activity is also appropriate for children under 2 if you use vanilla pudding or vanilla yogurt to paint the image.

You can preserve the chalk painting by spraying lightly with hair spray - it will get slightly wet initially, but when it dries it looks great and does not fade as quickly. To really preserve it you need to cover with contact paper or other method.

Activity 4: Beluga Whale Puzzle
The children will make a whale from a four piece puzzle.This activity will encourage visual discrimination, small motor skills (coloring and cutting) and problem solving:

1. Print and cut the puzzle pieces ahead of time and save the dotted area
2. The children children will glue the pieces in the right order in the dotted section.
3. After gluing identify the type of whale.
4. The children can color the whale after it is assembled.

Activity 5: Alphabet Activities:N is for Narwhalor W is for Whale
Review and present the lesson plan and Printable Activities.

Activity 6: Whale Watching Coloring Book:
Make a selection of whale coloring pages and discuss some facts about the whales selected.

Activity 7: Online Jigsaw Puzzle > Narwhal | Whale
Skills: Problem solving, bilingual English and Spanish
Here is an online puzzle the children will enjoy with a fun narwhal or whale image. The default puzzle is 6 pieces. Click on the change cut button to change shape and number of pieces.

Activity 8: Numbers > Number 3 Whales Worksheet
Print, color and practice counting, handwriting number three with this fun worksheet.

letter w whale color poster
Whale poster

Activity 3 and 6:
Coloring a whale with chalk
Make a whale watching coloring book
whales coloring pages
Whales coloring pages

Activity 4:
whale printable puzzle
Beluga whale printable puzzle

Activity 5:
letter w whale printable activities
Letter W Whale printable activities
letter n narwhal printable activities
Letter N Narwhal printable activities

Activity 7:
Online jigsaw puzzles bilingual
narwhal online jigsaw puzzle

whale online jigsaw puzzle


Activity 8:
number 3 whales worksheet
Number 3 Whales Worksheet

Other materials:
chalk preferably
* white crayons or white finger paints.
* for children 2 and under, vanilla yogurt, or vanilla pudding to color the image.

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