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Finbo:  A Whale Story pctture book

Enjoy this wonderful book, Finbo by author and illustrator Janaki Sooriyarachchi. Visit the author's website, and preview Finbo in free ebook format [PDF] or video @ YouTube.

This book highlights how children can deal with life obstacles in many forms, and how to triumph over the problems they encounter with integrity.

Book description:
"Finbo the whale is bigger than all his fish friends. They tease him over his size and he becomes ashamed of being different. His mother tells him not to be ashamed of his differences. Later when his friends are in danger Finbo comes and saves the day. Finbo is able to forgive his friends for teasing him and come to their rescue in their time of need. His willingness to help his friends even after they tease him proves he is a true friend. It also teaches his friends that everyone is different for a reason and that accepting your differences is a step towards life long friendship."

letter w whale printable activities
Letter W Whale Printable Activities

Print Finbo in ebook PDF format

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