Bible Preschool Lesson Plan Activities "I am the Vine; You Are the Branches." John 15:5 and Grapes Coloring Activity

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Ages: 3.5 to 6 Level: Preschool and Kindergarten, VBS, Sunday school

Important Note: The suggested discussion is only a generic guide. Please adjust the presentation of the Bible passage or stories based on your particular religious denomination. It would be wise if you have any doubts, to also discuss with your spiritual guide: priest, pastor, or reverend, to also help you in conducting any of the Bible activities.

Suggested discussion:
Tell your child that today you are going to read a beautiful passage of the most wonderful, important and interesting books ever written: The Bible.

Alphabet activities:
Present or reinforce alphabet letter V is for Vine or letter G is for grapes. Visit the links in the materials column.

Bible Activity:

*If possible have a bunch of grapes that are still connected to branches for demonstration during the reading.

Hold the grapes then ask child to hold, and smell the grapes. Tell child to observe how little branches are connected to bigger branches and how all connect to a main vine. The branches cannot grow by themselves, they need to be connected to the vine to bear fruit.

* Tell child that you will be doing a great activity about grape vines and branches to celebrate how much Jesus loves us.

* John 15:5: (Jesus said): "I am the vine; you are the branches. If a man remains in me and I in him; he will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing."

Use this explanations below only as a guideline, explain in your own words and in very simple terms, how we are branches that need to be connected to the vine in order to grow in God's love: Using the grapes, show child how all the small branches are connected and then connected to a main vine.

We are branches like the branches in a grape vine, and the vine is Jesus/God.

It is not possible for a branch to grow by itself, a branch must be connected to the vine to bear fruit and grow.

Adjust and add any other comments you feel are necessary to complete the presentation of the biblical passage. Be prepared to answer questions that child may have.

Proceed to have a snack break: Eat the grapes for snack together, use grape yogurt as a dressing for the grapes.

Activity > Coloring with Grapes or Paints

After the snack:
Print the grape coloring page in card stock or glue the picture to a piece of card board from a cereal box for example to make it sturdier.

Paint the coloring page using these suggestions:
1. Cut 2 large grapes in half and use them as stampers to paint the grapes. Mix different hues of purple by mixing purple with red. Make three shades in paper plate or show child how purple is achieved by mixing red and blue. Use a brush or fingers to the leaves green.

2. You may want to glue painted cotton balls or cut up purple tissue paper to fill the grape image.

3. Once the picture is dry you can help cut around it.

4. Make two holes with a hole punch on the top and insert a piece of green raffia or ribbon and tie onto a small branch or a craft stick painted brown. Put in a place of honor. You may want to make a small card and tie to the ribbon with the words: I am the Vine; You Are the branches. John 15:5

grape coloring page
Grapes coloring page 1 | 2
Print on card stock or paper.

Alphabet printable lesson plans
letter g grapes printable activities
Letter G Grapes

letter v vine printable activities
Letter V Vine

*something to color with or read instructions for additional ideas.
*craft stick or small branch
*a piece of raffia or ribbon (green or brown preferably)

*Important: If you print on regular paper, then it should be glued to construction paper

A bunch of grapes still connected for demonstrating during the reading.