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planting a rainbow picture book activitiesPlanting a Rainbow by Lois Ehlert
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Planting a Rainbow is a delightful book that will show children the wonderful process of growing a garden and recognizing the colors of the rainbow. They will delight in the colorful and simple pictures as they "travel" from picking flower bulbs in the fall, buying seeds and seedlings and how a garden is planned. Then they will see the bulbs sprout and the seeds germinate, and in the end they create a beautiful rainbow of flowers. They learn about different flowers by their colors and how water, soil, and sun are necessary for plants to grow.

  • Activities and craft > Learning About Flowers
  • Plan for a visit to garden center or plant nursery later in the week and see if you can identify some of the flowers in the book.Touch, smell and identify plants.
  • Visit My First Garden: Plan a garden together, this can be a small arrangement of small pots in a porch, or a small indoor garden as well.
  • Learn about the colors of the rainbow, how primary color mix to obtain secondary colors and more in the rainbow theme.
  • Find your birth flower coloring page. Visit the link for information and images to see the color or color varieties.

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